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Volume : 47 Issue : 4 2019

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Author :Husain Al-Ansari - Mai Al-Kulaib
Discipline :Others

Library Use and User Satisfaction with Library Services at Jaber Al-Ahmad Central Library of Kuwait University

This study investigated library use, information-seeking patterns, and user satisfaction with library resources and services at three colleges at Kuwait University. Data were gathered through questionnaires from 381 full-time students registered at the College of Arts, College of Social Sciences, and the College of Administration Sciences. Results indicate that the majority of respondents make limited use of the library; they use the library mainly as a place to study and for borrowing and returning books. Books and internet resources are the main sources of information. Respondents are generally satisfied with the services and facilities provided by the library. Based on the findings the authors made various recommendations for the improvement of the library programs and services.

Key words: User studies, User satisfaction, Academic libraries-Kuwait.

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Author :Humuod Saleh Alknaan
Discipline :Sociology

Determinants of the Relationship between Organizational Rank and Work Alienation

This study examined the relationship between organizational rank and the levels of work alienation that employees experienced in Saudi public organizations. The study was conducted on a random sample of 288 trainees attending different short training programs at the Institute of Public Administration. The results revealed that employees at different ranks experienced different levels of work alienation. In addition, the results of Analysis of Variance and Multiple Regression Analysis uncovered that age, education, job grade, span of control, formalization, and routines did not explain the variation in levels of work alienation that employees experienced in different organizational ranks. In fact, the variations in the levels of work alienation were accounted for by participation in the decision-making process and the level of autonomy.

Key Words: Work alienation, Organizational rank, Organizational power, Routines, Participation In Decision Making, Autonomy, Formalization, Job grade, Span of control

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Author :Mahmoud Al- Thawadi
Discipline :Sociology

Theory of Human Symbols and the Rules Governing the Influence of Collective Behavioral Patterns on Peoples Behaviors

Patterns of collective behaviors have a tremendous influence on peoples behaviors in society. This is the result of what is called socialization in social sciences. This study outlines two types of collective behavior influence. The first type is named in this paper as the total inclusive social influence on peoples behaviors. The other type is a non-total inclusive social influence on behaviors. It is argued that both of these two patterns of collective influences, in some Arab countries, are the outcome of a new concept that will be labeled as human symbols/cultural socialization. The latter emphasizes the decisive role that human symbols/culture plays in determining and sustaining these two categories of collective behavior influence in the society. This concept is part of the new theory of human symbols developed, analyzed, and discussed in this essay. The theorys major hypothesis is that humans are by nature symbolic beings.

Key Words: Theory of human symbols, The concept of human symbols socialization, Total social inclusive influence, Non-total social inclusive influence.

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Author :Mohammed A. Mahaftha , Amal S. Al - Awawda
Discipline :Sociology

Factors Affecting Violence against Working Woman in the Jordanian Society Applied Study

This research aimed at studying types of violence directed toward working Jordanian women, which was committed against the women from employers (gender violence), family (family or domestic violence), and society (societal violence). Moreover, the study researched sexual harassment that women face in the workplace. In addition, the study researched the consequences of violence against working woman. The study population was women working at governmental, private, and individual organizations and/or institutions. The study was conducted on a target sample of 450 women in the three regions of the kingdom (north, middle and south). The results show that women suffer from all types of Job violence: 46% of the respondents suffer from societal violence; 55.8% suffered gender abuse; and 30.7% suffered from family abuse. The results also show that 20.8% of the respondents face sexual harassment.

Key Words: working women, Violence, Sexual harassment.

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Author :Hamdi Abdulrahman Hasan
Discipline :Political Sciences

Political Participation: General Problematiques and Theoretical Issues

This study seeks to raise some theoretical problems associated with the concept of political participation. It also raises some important issues related to the major cognitive shifts occurring in the field of comparative politics. Perhaps the most notable of these issues is the question regarding the definition of the concept and its new trends. The paper tries to challenge the liberal concept of participation in order to make it more appropriate for all cultures and regions. Thus, it includes non-traditional, political activities, which were never covered by the classic literature of comparative politics.This study is concerned with explaining political activities of citizens, and also takes into account the developments brought about by the technological revolution and its contemporary political effects. Finally, the study raises the issue of the right to participate in development and highlights the requirements for participation and the obstacles that stand in its way.

Key Words: Political participation , Political efficacy , Vrtual democracy , Social capital , Citizenship , Mobilization , Sustainable development

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Author :Eisa M. Al-Balhan
Discipline :psychology

The Psychological, Social, Educational and FInancial Pressures of Families with Special Needs and their Relation to Some Variables in the State of Kuwait

The main aim of present study to search the psychological, social, educational and financial pressures of families with special needs and their relation to some variables in the State of Kuwait. The study was conducted on (151) items, their ages of (18 - 55) years with an average age of (37.40) years and a standard deviation (8.57) years. This study includes the following tools: a) the psychological, social, educational and financial pressures scale. b) General data list. The consistency and reliability of the scale have been previously measured. The study shows clearly that percent of psychological pressures of families with special needs (44.79%), social pressures of families with special needs (37.34%), educational pressures of families with special needs (34.38%), and financial pressures of families with special needs (53.22%). The study also found that psychological pressures are affected by gender, brotherhood education and experience in special education. It also revealed that the social pressures are influenced by the education of mother and brotherhood and their orders among brothers and level of disability.  The financial pressures are affected by lots of variables such as brotherhood education, residential area, family income, and experience in special education, order of members among brothers, diagnose and degree of disability and type of school.
Keywords: The psychological, Social, Educational and Material pressures, Families with special needs.

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Author :Alaa Al Rawashdeh
Discipline :Sociology

Human Security in Elderly Care Institutions: Sociological Study

The study aimed at identifying elderly fact through verifying characteristics social, health, psychological and managerial problems and that threats human security. Data was collected through questionnaires distributed to the sample group, which consisted of (48) elders. Various appropriate statistical methods have been used to analyze the collected data such as:(Duplicates, percentages, arithmetic averages, and standard deviations) The study concluded the following: The most important human security problems facing elderly were health, then social then psychological and finally Managerial problems summarized.  The main reasons for transfer were disability, illness and son's business Engagement .The study finally recommended some recommendations in terms of the institution, the specialist and the programs.
Keywords: Elderly, Characteristics, The problems, Care institutions

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Author :Ahmed Al Hasem
Discipline :Geography

The Importance of the Morph dynamic Approach to ntegrated Coastal Zone Management

The Morph dynamic Approach is a modern approach that emerged in the late 1970s. This approach focuses on the complex mutual co-adjustment of the processes and forms in the coastal area. Its importance in coastal zone management is a necessity to avoid many problems and unfavorable impacts both on the natural environment and the human projects as a result of rapid change of coastal forms due to human interventions. Naturally, the change in the form of the coast may not cause disruption to the morph dynamic system, and may be has limited disruption temporally and spatially if it occurs rapidly, as the natural environment can restore the environmental equilibrium. However, if this change is due to human interventions, as a result of the technological and structural capacity of the human being in recent decades, it causes great disruption to the morph dynamic system. Under such circumstances, natural environment cannot adapt or make it difficult to restore equilibrium naturally, leading to risks and significant negative effects on the natural and human environment. For the purpose of sustainable coastal zone management in the future, the vital and important role of the morph dynamic approach in the phases of the full assessment of coastal environmental impact should be highlighted in order to optimize coastal access procedures, especially for the preliminary environmental impact assessment, preliminary design and finally the EIA.
Keywords: Morph dynamic Approach, Coastal zone management, Natural factor, Human activities, Coastal evolution

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Author :Khalaf Al Tahat Haya AL Azzam
Discipline :Mass Media

The Coverage of local Crime in the Jordanian press during the Arab Spring (2011-2017) : A Comparative Analytical Study

This study aimed at identifying the nature of the press coverage of the local crime situation, in the Jordanian daily press during the period from 2011 to 2017.  Content analysis method was used, through analyzing the content of the Jordanian newspapers published crime stories in Alrai, Alghad and Alsabeel, with (200 story) for each newspaper. The followings are the main findings of the study:1- Crimes against human beings placed as number one (48.5%), followed by crimes against money (16.3%), whereas the crimes against public safety were at the 3rd rank with a percentage of (15%). 2- The capital of Jordan (Amman)was at the 1stplace with a percentage (49.2%), then the Northern Region (25.8%), and the Central Region at the 3rd place (13%).3- Notifying and informing was the first goal of the main reason of publishing crime stories (84.8%), compared with the therapeutic preventive goal which came at the 2nd position (12.8%); while the goal of excitement and suspense came at the third rank (2.3%). 4-The study did not pay much attention to the amount of coverage to the local crime and the size of the coverage in total was small ( 426 stories, 71%) white the medium coverage came next( 25.8%), and finally the large size (3.2%).
Keywords: Crime, Jordanian Press, Content analysis, Arab Spring.

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Author :
Discipline :political science

lliance in Jordan's Foreign Policy from Neorealism Perspective (1946-2018)

This study deals with one of important issues that related to the Jordanian alliance policy, which has remained a key feature of the foreign policy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan since the establishment in 1946. The study aims to explore the motives and objectives that Jordan tried to attain through alliance policy in achieving its foreign policy. The study also aims to analyze the regional and international changes that formed the Jordanian perspective towards joining formal and informal alliances during different periods between 1946-2018. The study also endeavors to explore the nature of changes in the Jordanian alliances during this period. The study sets out from the premise that there is a correlation between the change of the sources of the threats towards Jordanian security and the changing Jordanian alliance policy. To examine this hypothesis, the study poses a series of questions and has answered them. The study methodology is based on using an integrated methodological framework based on the use of  historical and descriptive approaches to reach the research outcomes. Finally, the study concludes that Jordanian foreign policy is always based on the alliance policy in achieving its objectives, which has been shifted from regional ideological type into international and pragmatic one.
Keywords: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Foreign policy, Alliances, Security Perspective.

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Author :Fatima Yusuf Alsubaie
Discipline :Information science

Reality of Women and Ways of Enhancing their Work Role and Level of Representation in the Information Technology Field in the Kingdom of Bahrain

The purpose of this study is to gain better understanding of factors influence Bahraini women work in the information technology field, by identifying what challenges faced by them and how can overcome them from perspectives of Bahraini women who have achieved high managerial positions in the IT field. Face-to-face and semi-structured interviews were conducted for investigating the work experience of a group of ten Bahraini women in a senior or middle management position in the IT field in the public and private sector, in order to understand what factors have hindered or facilitated their career advancement, how can women's representation be enhanced and how to over challenges from the viewpoints of women in this study. Findings have shown the impact of a number of individual and contextual factors on the level of role and representation of women in the IT field. This study offered insights into how to improve women's representation in the IT field and provided recommendations for decision makers and women to overcome challenges faced by women, and promote women's career advancement and role in the IT field in the kingdom of Bahrain.
Keywords: Career advancement, Gender, Information technology, Information technology jobs, Women's representation.

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Author :Anwar Alkhurinej Hend Al-Ma'seb
Discipline :Social work

Factors Affecting Students' Choice of Becoming Social Workers

Choosing a career is usually a complex decision for individuals to make. Social work is a humanitarian profession known for its mission of enhancing human well-being, empowering the disadvantaged population, and improve social conditions through promoting social justice and social change. A total of 172 undergraduate social work students from Kuwait University participated voluntarily in the study. The findings of this study showed that there was a significant relationship between attitudes toward career choice and variables such as having a friend or relative who works as a social worker and considering studying other majors. In addition, altruistic factor was found to be the most factor the motivated social work students to choose social work as a career. The findings of the current study will help the social work profession understand the motivations that inspired social work students in Kuwait to choose social work to be their profession.
Key words: Career Choice, Motivation, Social Work, Social workers.

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