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Warning the People of the Afterlife from This Vanishing Life

Auther : Edited by Dr. Tariq ibn Muhammad El-Tawari

This book is a manuscript by Imam Jalal El-Deen El-Suyuti (d.911A.H.) titled:

تحذير أهل الآخرة من الدنيا الداثرة.

Following the Islamic scholars’ tradition of collecting 40 Hadiths reported from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , this book contains 40 Hadiths about dispraising Dunia (this life), denouncing it, being contented with the least of it and preparing one’s self to the Afterlife.

Of course, the author does mean that one should neglect or give up this life, but to utilize it as vehicle to get him the happiness of the Afterlife.

He started with a Hadith therein the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) describes this life, calling people to follow his model of getting satisfied with little of it, diagnosing the reason of heart disease, i.e. (excessive) love of this (vanishing) life, showing that it is worthy of nothing to Allah, even less than the value of a mosquito’s wing.. Then he (pbuh) clarified that the best thing in this life is remembering Allah and doing good deeds.

I clarified that being satisfied with the sufficient minimum of this life is much better than getting a lot that could divert one away from the right path.

I forwarded by an introduction about “zuhd” (asceticism), its levels, causes and how it could be practiced in the present time.

Also, I carefully verified all Hadiths – chains of transmission and texts – clarifying the status of authenticity of every Hadith quoting statements of the authorities in this field.


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