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The Meaning of “Civil” and “Military” in the

Auther : Dr. Sami Muhammad El-Salahaat

The Meaning of “Civil” and “Military” in the

Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Study

of the Martyring Operations

From the Perspective of

Islamic Politics.

Dr. Sami Muhammad El-Salahaat

Ass. Prof. at the Faculty of Arts and Science, Zaid University, UAE

The aim of this study is to specify the semantic difference between the terms “civilian” and “military” and how it could be utilized, methodologically and objectively, in the Palestinian- Israeli conflict (continuing for more than half a century) away from the emotions, excitements and writings influenced by the politicized information for the benefit of the stronger side in media.

Perhaps this study is important because of the confusion and misunderstanding of some scholars, thinkers and. researchers in applying Prophet’s hadiths, prohibiting killing non-combatants, to the civilians in the state of Israel, because they consider them innocent non-military, in spite of all statistics stating that potential soldiers in the state of the enemy are over 90%.

The martyrdom operations in Palestine, frequently discussed in the nineties and the beginning of the third millennium, started to achieve clear political effects on the Palestinian front and the Israeli society began to suffer their negative effects on its social, economical and political structure.

In this way, the importance of this study, which is based upon principles of the Islamic politics, lies in clarifying the political Islamic justifications for the continuation of these martyrdom operations and the prohibition of stopping them as long as part of Muslim Lands in still under the Jewish occupation.

• The term “civilian”, which is a recent term in the international law, and it indicates a person who is not a regular member in military unit known nowadays as army, is inapplicable to the reality of the Israeli society because of the military nature of this society according to the statistics and data that shows that the percentage of the potential soldiers in it is one of the highest percentage in the world, and its system of military mobilization is the best and the fastest globally.

• In addition to this, the Israeli society is a warrior. aggressive and extorter; hence, the legislative rules that prohibit killing civilians do not apply to it, regrettably a point of confusion in many analysis of writers and journalists who were not able to distinguish between the cases of normal war and the case of extortion.

• There are Islamic legislative and political justifications for the combating weapon used by Palestinians against Israelites, known as Martyrdom operations, which began to raise feelings of danger in the Israeli structure, strongly hitting in the foundations of its stability and survival, particularly in the areas of security and investment.

• There are side results of a great effect on the Israeli actual life as a result of these operations in the Israelites’ areas and congregations, a reality which indicates the political benefits on the side of Muslims in their duel with them . Based on

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