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Ibn Kiran Treatise ... in Supporting Al-Mawla

Auther : Dr. Shafi’ Dhubian Al-Hariri


Ibn Kiran Treatise ... in Supporting Al-Mawla

Sulaiman in Rejecting Al-Baydawi’s

interpretation of the Verse “Inna


(Al-‘Ahzab 33:72)

Dr. Shafi’ Dhubian Al-Hariri

Ass.Prof. of Tafsir and Its Principles, Faculty of Sharia and Arabic Language,

Imam uhammad Ibn Su’oud Islamic University, (Ra’s Al-Khaymah Branch )

Imam Al-Baydawi – may Allah give him mercy - interpreted al-ard (العرض ) offering, al-‘Ibaa’(الإباء refusal) andal-‘Ishfaq” (الإشفاق fear) in the verse:

إنا عرضنا الأمانة على السموات والأرض والجبال فأبين أن يحملنها وأشفقن منهاوحملها الإنسان إنه كان ظلوما جهولا. (الأحزاب:72)

in a metaphorical away perhaps to mean that there was no actual offering, refusal or fear, not only in regard to heavens, earth and mountains, but even in regard to human beings: no actual offer or acceptance. It is just a symbolic and figurative expression. His interpretation means that Allah had created things unqualified for accepting such charge and He knows that and accepted it from them, while He created human beings qualified for such charge, therefore He charged them. Such understanding is relevant to His Wisdom in all creatures.

As for ‘Amanah (Trust), in Al-Baydawi’s interpretation, it is the faculty of understanding (mind) and the charge of obeying Allah’s laws.

Al-Mawla Sulaiman did not accept that way of interpretation and adopted its apparent meaning, then he wrote a letter to his sheikh, Ibn keeran who welcomed the letter and wrote an exegesis treatise therein he showed his support to majorities’ opinion, with the help of what is stated in Al-Durr Al-Manthour, saying that both the offer and refusal were real and for choice not of obligation, thus the refusal was out fear and self-denial , not out of deviation or disobey.


* Verse (33:72). The original title of the manuscript isRisalatu Ibn Keeran fi mraja’at Al-Mawla Sulaiman fi raddihi Tafsir Al-Baidawi Qawlahu ta’aala “’Inna ‘aradna al-amanata …”


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