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“Takbeer” (Saying Allahu Akbar) at the End of Reciting the (whole) Qur’an: Meaning and Rulings According to Qari’s (Recitors) and Jurists

Auther : Dr Muhammad Khalid Mansour

“Takbeer” (Saying Allahu Akbar) at the End of Reciting the (whole) Qur’an: Meaning and Rulings According to Qari’s (Recitors) and Jurists.

Dr Muhammad Khalid Mansour

Ass. Prof., fiqh and Usul Dept., Faculty of Sharia, Jordanian University

To Qaris (Qur’an reciters), Takbeer is to say “Allahu Akbar” either at the beginning of each Surah (The general Takbeer) or at the beginning of the last short surahs after the surah “Al-Duha”(93) when completing the whole Quran. (The special Takbeer).

To jurists, it is a special type of Dhikr (God remembrance) recommended to be done on completing recitation of the whole Quran.

Takbeer was reported to have been practiced by the qari’s and jurists of Al-Madinah, Imams: Shafi‘I, Sufian ibn ‘Uyaynah, Ibn Jurayj, Ibn Kathir and Hanbali scholars.

Hadith of Takbeer, related by Hadith scholars, was directly ascribed (marfou’) to Prophet (pbuh) through Al-Bazzi; also it is related ascribed to Ibn ‘Abbas and others.

Isnads (Chains of transmission) reported by Qaris, through Al-Bazzi and others, to affirm Takbeer, are well-known and sound ones to them, and Takbeer was reported to be practiced by Qaris through the generations.

The formula of “Takbeer” is “Allahu Akbar”, but it is permitted to add to it the forms of Tahleel (Saying: “laa ilaaha illa Allahu” and “Tahmeed” (Al-Hamdu li-L-laahi).

Rulings of of “Takbeer” outside prayers:

A. It is recommended by Sunnah to say “Takbeer” at finalizing recitation of the (whole) Qur’an, to announce Allah’s grace of having this Noble Quran.

B. If recitation was done in group, they could make Takbeer in the following manner:

It is recommended for the reciter to say it loudly, and for listeners in heart.

C. loud Takbeer in group was not reported done by Salaf “previous good generations”.

Rulings of of “Takbeer” inside prayer:

  1. Takbeer inside prayer was reported done by “Salaf”, through authentic transmission and incidents.
  2. Single and Imam can make Takbeer in the beginning of each Surah or after surahs from Al-DHuha up
  3. to Al-Naas, then make rukuu’.

  4. Ma’mums (who follow an imam in prayer) are not permitted to say recitation Takbeer in any way
  5. behind their imam.

  6. Takbeer agrees with prayer in loudness or in heart..
  7. Forgotten Takbeer requires neither compensation nor Sahw prostration.


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