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Effects of Reiddles Methodology on Islamic Jurispurdence

Auther : By Dr. Abdul-Haq Hemeish


Effects of Reiddles Methodology on Islamic Jurispurdence

By Dr. Abdul-Haq Hemeish

Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies - Sharja - University

The Islamic jurists invented various methods in order to display issues of Islamic Jurispurdence, one of these is of jurispurdental riddles.

The riddle, in the Arabic language mean the vague talk while it means, in jurispurdence, those questions or problems in which the reason of the rule is hidden for the purpose of testing.

The term Riddle in the Islamic jurispurdence have many definitions; differ according to the usage and the art in which they are used. Some of those definitions are, incapicitating, the abstruse, the hidden, the symbol, the verse of meaning, the interpretation and the intimation.

This science had been early under the patronage of the prophetic Sunnah. The Prophets companions used to answer riddles given to them by the Prophet himself (peace be upon him), they and the great jurists of Islam used this method. Usage of vague for/and dificult riddles is prohibited.

Riddles are only modifications and concealing of an Islamic rule or percept for the purpose of examining or as a mean of excitement and teaching, and must fullfil these conditions:

- The riddle an Islamic jurist.

- It should be realistic.

- It should not be exposed in front of the public.

- It should not be an exaggerations.

- It should be objective, aiming at teaching.

- It shouldnt be for incapacitation.

- It shouldnt be for boasting or showing off.

Jurists arranged their riddles according to the subjects of the jurispurdence. Therefore, the questions rotates around one jurist purdental creed from the most famous four Islamic jurispurdental creeds. Riddle are always brief and concise and most riddles are formed in verse, in addition, riddles entered into various Islamic setences and arts like the science of recitation of the Holy Quran, arabic grammer and linguisties, the science of impositions (At Fraed), and the science of the idioms of Hadith.

Many books have been written in jurispurdental riddles like:

1 - Durat Al-Ghawas fi Maharat AL-Khawas - by Ibn Farhoon Al-Maliki (799 AH).

2 - Helyat At-Texaz fi Hal Masel Al-ALGhaz by Abu Bakr Al-Jeraee Al-Hanbdi (883 A.H.)

3 - Al-Thakhaer Al-Ashrafiya fi Alghaz Al-Hanafiya by Ibn Ashuhna (921 A.H.).

There are also specified units for jurspurdental riddles in the books of the equalled and the similar Like that of Subki (771 A.H.) and of Ibn Nujaim (970 A.H.). Morever, most jurispurdence books have sections for jurispurdental riddles.

In conclusion, this art deserves studying as our predcessors had done, while successors neglected it. We should gather and look for its manuscripts to be studied published and benefitted from.








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