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The Issue of “Tas-heeh” and “Tahseen”

Auther : Dr. ‘Abdul-Razzaq Khaleefah ‘Al-Shayji

The Issue of “Tas-heeh” and “Tahseen”

Verification of the Hadiths (Traditions) in the Late epochs.

Dr. ‘Abdul-Razzaq Khaleefah ‘Al-Shayji

When lying and fabrication in narrating Hadiths began to prevail, hadithists established the discipline of “The Bases of the Haddith” that provides rules and criteria by which the qualified Hadithists could judge both the chain of transmitters and the text of the Hadith.

This approach continued up the time of ‘lbn Al-Salaah (d.643A.H), who initiated the idea of closing door of ‘ljtihad for verifying the Hadiths, making the death of the great Hadithists, Al-Bayhaqi, ‘Abi Nu,aym and ‘lbn Mandah, the starting point of this closure under the justifications that late hadithists were not qualified to do this difficult work, the chain of transmitters grew longer and thirdly people have become more depending upon the existing books without new efforts in verifying the authenticity of transmission. ‘lbn Al-Salaah considered that his decision would be a guarantee for protecting the Sunnah against any daring attempt by the non-qualified.

Closing the door of ‘ljtihad in Hadith verification was a dangerous decision for two reasons:

a. The Hadithists after of ‘lbn Al-Salaah will face some Hadiths not seen, and consequently left unverified by the former scholars.

b. The Hadithists differing decisions on some Hadiths still in need of setting through more investigations and comments. These two points required the continuation of ‘Jjtihad in this field.

The Hadithists’ after ‘lbn Al-Salaah criticized his suggestion and considered it unfounded and unsupported by any of his contemporary or the following hadithists who continued to judge, accept or refuse Hadiths according to the known rules and criteria of verification.

‘lbn Al-Salaah himself violated his decision when he passed judgements on may Hadiths.

Because of these differing views on the issue of “Hadith verification in the late periods”, there was a need of new discussion to reach a more founded view. These paper was a response to this need.

The material of this subject is scattered in hundreds of volumes on the disciplines of Hadith. The paper had the ambition of gathering, studying and comparing this materials in order to reach a sound verified opinion, preferring to be practical than theoretical in approach.

The paper outline is as follows:

“An introduction:

a. The founder of this concept,

b. The reasons of its popularity,

c. The motives behind ‘lbn Al-Salaah’ adoption of that concept

*Five chapters:

1. The scholars responses to lbn Al-Salaah.

2. lbn Al-Salaah’s judgements on some Hadiths and his criticism to a number of the former Hadithists.

3. The criticisms of some Hadithists to ‘lbn Al-Salaah.

4. Criticisms of some late hadithists to the judgements of some Hadit

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