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Badr’ Ad-Deen Muhammad ‘ibn’ Ahmad’ ad-

Auther : Dr. Bader ‘Abdul-Razzaq’ Al-Mass


Badr’ Ad-Deen Muhammad ‘ibn’ Ahmad’ ad- Dimashqi, Called “Sibt’ Al-Mardini”

His Era and Life

Dr. Bader ‘Abdul-Razzaq’ Al-Mass

This paper, which is a study of the era and life of the famous scholar (Badr’ Ad-Deen Muhammad ‘ibn’ Ahmad’ ad-Dimashqi, Called “Sibt’ Al-Mardini”), is composed of two parts: the first part is about the era, and the second is about his life:

Part 1. dealt with the political social, economic, religious and academic life in ‘Al-Mardini’s era.

As for the political life, I indicated the transfer of the Caliphate from Baghdad to Cairo, and the Mamlukes’ role in establishing it. I introduced the Caliphs and Sultans, who ruled along the life of Sibt’ Al-Mardini, as well as the political conditions prevailing at that time. I have also studied the government systems, the administrative structure and the types of the judicial system and its role in that period.

In the social life, the following classes were indicated: the ruling, the educated and the writers, the businessmen, the artisan and the common people.

In the economic aspect of life, the paper clarified the different activities, the deterioration which hits that period, the waves of plundering the markets suffered.

Concerning the religious life, two main phenomena were described. Tasawwuf (mysticism) and “Ahlu ‘Adh-Dhimmah” (Non-Muslims in the Muslim society).

The role of Mamlukes in encouraging te scientific and cultural activities through building schools and generously financing them was also pointed at. The different approaches of authoring, such as the encyclopedic trend, the phenomenon of “mutoun” (the condensed texts of the contents of disciplines) and their explanations, completions and comments.

Part II. Was dedicated to the life of “Sibt ‘Al-Mardini”: his name, birth, early life, education, morals, talents, teachers, journeys, academic life, books and death. Those aspects were firstly presented in general, then followed several important remarks which clarified his interaction with his era and the high status he occupied academically and socially.


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