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lbn Baadees: A Religious revivalist

Auther : By: Dr. Barakaat Muhammad Muraad Sayyid


‘lbn Baadees: A Religious revivalist

and a Social Reformist

By: Dr. Barakaat Muhammad Muraad Sayyid

On of the graces of Allah upon this Muslim Ummah, whenever in crisis, is that He (SWT) send forth for it a saviour who leads it out of its dilemma through reviving and renovating Islam.

Algeria, like other Arab countries, faced many crisis. Among the figures who effectively contributed in its renaissance was Shaikh ‘Abd al-Hamid ‘lbn Mustafaa ‘lbn Makkee ‘lbn Baadees.

He was born in Qusantinah, east of Algeria, in 1889, in a family of fame and wealth. His father had him started his early education at home in order to be brought up according to the Islamic morals away from the corrupted environment of French schools.

“lbn Baadees memorized the whole Qur’an by the age of 13, and learned a lot from his town’s famous scholars before his leaving to Tunisia to follow up higher studies at Zaytunah Mosque’s famous scholars for four years. After attained the “efficiency Degree” in 1912, he returned to Qusantinah and resumed his educational and reformational efforts. He traveled to many countries, met many famous scholars and reformists, and stayed for sometime in al-Madinah al-Munawwarah where his personality got more matured and crystallized. Then he returned to his country to lead the Jihad movement equipped with knowledge, firm faith, and strong morals.

On one hand, ‘lbn Baadees was interested in bringing up and building men. He issued a number of newspapers and magazines to help in propagating his reformationist ideas, and tried through interpreting al-Qur’an to revive the souls and fill them with the spirit of faith and sacrifice.

On the other, he exerted great efforts to eliminate BIDA’(religiously unacceptable innovations), to purify people’s belief’s and concepts form all types of distortion, and to implant the principle of resorting to the original sources of Sharia – alQur’an, al-Sunnah, and the use of ‘al-ljtihad in their texts –– alQur’an, al-Sunnah, and the use of ‘al-ljtihad in their texts- to cope with the current problems. Through his efforts, mosques regained their spiritual, educational, and guiding functions on the bases of the Rightful Predecessors (al-Salaf al-Salih).

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