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Principles and Safeguards of an Islamic State

Auther : Principles and Safeguards of an Islamic State


Principles and Safeguards of an Islamic State

By: Mohammed Ahmed Mufti

This paper analyzes the basic principles of Islamic rule:

  1. Sovereignty belongs to Allah and Supremacy to the Divine Law.
  2. Succession and power belong to people.
  3. The necessity of establishing the greatest unified legal leadership (Al-Imama Al-Shar’iya).
  4. Unification of the judicial executive and legislative powers.

The paper has also included several important safeguards which ensure the right implementation of Islamic Government and its protection from deviating from the right-path (the legal framework). The following are some of the most vital safeguards:

1. The delegations of authority to qualified persons who have been entitled to such positions through elections (Bai’a).

  1. Responsibilities of a Muslim leader (Imam) should be clearly defined.
  2. Bringing together the singularity of the ruler (emirate) and the collectivness of the counsel who consult together.
  3. Obedience to lawful commands and disobedience of unlawful commands are obligatory.
  4. An earnest endeavour for general good and prevention of the unlawful should be observed by the individuals as well as by societies.

The paper aims at pointing out that any political system based on principles which violate the Islamic legislative system will not be considered Islamic in any sense even though Islam is stated in the constitution of the state. It is the implementation of Shari’a that matters not its casual mention in text.



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