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words of Different Spellings, meanings and

Auther : Dr. Mohammed Khazer Al- Magail


words of Different Spellings, meanings and

similar writing in koranic recites

Dr. Mohammed Khazer Al- Magail

Associate professor – Islamic studies Dept, United Arab Emirates University

In Quran, there are some words written similarly but different in spelling and meanings from a reading to another that changed the word root and enriched its meaning.

-Al though the differences of these words, it is enriching differences not a contradicting or opposing difference.

The differences between these words are due to the differences of readings.

The differences in readings are due to the availability of more than one reading, these reading faces were meant by the prophet (Mercy and peace be upon him) when he says, “this Quran was revealed on seven letters”.

There are eleven words could be situated under this condition, they come in fourteen Ayas, these words are kabeer, Nonshizoha, Fatabayano, Yaquso, Boshran, Yosayrakom, Tablu, Linobaweanahom, Kabeeran, Ebad, Bedaneen.

Every reading of these words give a suitable meaning for the text and what ayah guides us, these readings of words is very significant and miraculous, that differences of readings vary the meaning and reveal, The miracles of the koranic text.

The study shows that readers of the same country differ in reading these words that is not strange because that is spelling, the spelling is the same in that the readers of the same country have more hearing from their sheiks.

It is also natural that the same reader has more than a phase or reading consequently his realtors differ from him sometimes.

These words and others show the accurately by which the Quran was written by the honorable Sihaba at othman’s time (may God blessed with him). They were very accurate in writing the holy Quran, they write the word in a way which accept the other phases of reading, If they could write it, they would or they specify some copies of the Holy Quran by a writing and the other’ with another writing. That clarifies the reasons for differences of writing a bout thirty six words.

The study shows that some words which were thought to be equivalent were differed and that strengthen the saying that is not real equivalence in Arabic words, If they are differed in their roots, so they must be differed in meanings even if the difference were single.











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