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Application of the concepts of total quality On the system Dawa

Auther : Dr. Osman ahmed abdelrehim sayed

This is a research titled (Application of the principles of total quality to the system of performance Da`waa)، The researcher seeks to try to develop a new concept in the field of executive space for advocacy is to introduce the concepts of modern management and overall quality in the Da`waa system، In order to contribute to a qualitative leap in the development of the performance of the Da`waa, and renewal of the Islamic discourse, through the establishment of a scientific approach in the measurement, evaluation, and development of the system Da`waa(preacher- objectives - curriculum - outputs - means)، On the basis that the philosophy of total quality simply means that it is a system of measurement and evaluation and upgrading through which the principle of perfection (ITQAN) in the work and continuous development and improve performance
The research aims to achieve the following:
Develop a concept of quality in the field of Islamic Dawa
Apply quality standards to the overall performance system
The impact of total quality in the Islamic Dawa system
The importance of applying this system to performance
How can the advocacy performance system evolve under this system .
Can the pillars of the call accept the overall quality system

Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
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