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Volume :18 Issue : 52 2003      Add To Cart                                                                    Download

Arab and Islamic world in the studies of the research

Auther : Dr.Mazen Bin Salah Matbakani

Research work

In the west policy isn’t separated from the interest of studies specially those give great care for Islamic, Arabic reactions and middle east areas in general- therefore, it’s obviously noticed that the American Capital in rich in centers of orientatism, which has been established for such studies and their change. The most important centers are as follow:

  1. U. S. place institute, founded in 1948 and founded by American government, It’s most important pronounced target are:

* Finding out energies so that decision makers may be supplied

by matters support their task.

* Providing resolution for word struggles.

Objectives of the union : Studying all situations in African and Asian regions and providing such studies for American Political leaders, as well as it contributes many activities within such said studies.

2) Middle East Institute: Founded in 1946, its pronounced target is; increasing Amercian’s awareness relating to areas of lighting, annual summits are hold especially for such end.

3) Modern Arabic studies centers, Jurjan university, founded in 1975 aimed at enlarging and enriching a codemic studies circle along with scientific research round the Arab world as well as it has wide activities and publications.

4) Christian Islamic mutual understanding center, Geoge town university Centre, founded in 1993 with purpose of concentration studing Islamic Christian ties besides studying policy, religion and history as well as its activity for the favor of its founder.

5) Bokinger Institute, founded in 1927 after three existed organizations were incorporated as well as Awgaf men and businessmen.

6) American educational organization, founded by people who retired from foreign service in American government for providing information of the American relation with the middle east, such institute and other provide toxic and poisoned studies concerning issued of Islam and muslims especially Palestine case, they support jews, falsity, fake facts, you could hardly come across a neutral, bias people, if found : very few sit voiceless and unable among such noisy media of offensive attitudes towards our religion and our nations.

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