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The Interpretation of Sincerity Verse

Auther : Dr. Abdullah Abdul Rahaman Al Khateeb

Research outline:

Ibn Sina is Al-Hussein Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina Abu Ali Al Bakhely Al Bukhari, has writings in medicine, philosophy and logic. He is one of the Arab most famous prudent and physicians. He headed as well the Islamic philosophers, engaged in science, policy and occupied the Ministry. He lived in the last third of the fourth century and the first third of the fifth century (AH). Since his early days signs of genius and Talent were obvious in him until he became an accentuated scholar. However, Ibn Sina disagreed with the basis of the Islamic belief concerning the divine names and the physical resurrection,. He adopted symbolic path in understanding many of the Quranic verses and this led to the collapse of the total confidence in Quran, the issue which invoked number of the nation dominant scholars such as Ghazali, Ibn Al Salah, Al Zahabi, Ibn Taymia – considered him disbeliever. The source mentioned that Ibn Sina repented and returned to the correct way of Allah at the end of his life. His intention was to integrate Allah.

Interpretation of Sincerity verse:

This is philosophical opinion by Ibn Sina starting from the saying of the first principle, the inevitability of existence, first cause and how God created the creatures.

The approach he adopted in this interpretation represents his point of view in theology, the science in which we studies the first cause of the materialist existence. Ibn Sina was keen to prove the inevitability of the existence, he put a side Aristotle method in proving the existence of Allah, relying his proof on the existence of Allah on two aspects:

  1. The world is an arranged series of causes and reasons, all the creature existence must have a cause.
  2. This series end to cause that has no cause, which is the inevitability of self-existence. He considers that all the divine names due to God’s knowledge and awareness, this is a Fatal mistake, contradicting with Islamic method in under standing the divine names.
  3. This interpretation the realistic image for the philosophical interpretation of Quran revealing the ideology of Ibn Sina, the point in which he agree or disagree with Islamic ideology.

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