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Zakah outlets for Poor and Indigents

Auther : Dr. Khalid Abdullah Al Shoiab

The wise legislator paid great attention to Zakah particularly, since his Almighty are great Lord undertakes specifying these outlets for the Zakah in his Holy Book (“Alms are given for poor, indigents and for those who entered Islam recently, and for slaves who wanted to be librated, and for God sake, passer-by obligation from God. And God knows best and he is the wise. (Surah Al Twba/60).

It’s was mentioning that Islamic legislations had preceded others through these two social systems outlets in the modern state. The notion of insurance, or social guarantee after the revelation of outlets. Starting with for and indigents outlet, so the social insurance system dominated in the history of humanity. These are the total discipline that related with this outlet of Zakah outlets.

1. Both of poor and indigent deserve Zakah, according to the Holy Book. There is no disagreement between the linguists and Fiqh scholars in this issue whether in comparison between them are integration of both of them.

2. The individual is considered poor or indigent if he doesn’t possess enough money to live he and the one he supported. The richness which forbidden Zakah is richness which is sufficient for the living.

3. The sufficient that forbids person from Zakah is: food, drink, clothes, sheltering and all the necessary requirements without exceeding are shortage.

  1. The individual’s money which don’t forbid him to be described as poor or indigent.

  1. All the individual ownership of necessary needs.
  2. The unavailable (absents) money.
  3. Debt

5.The conditions is must be available in the poor and indigent to deserve

Zakah as following:

A .Islam

B .Freedom

C .Shouldn’t belong to Beny Hashim

D .Shouldn’t be supported by relative or husband’s money.

E .Shouldn’t spend the money in what God forbidden.

F .Shouldn’t be able to earn his living.

6.The owner and Imam or their representative to work according their knowledge in distributing Zakah, so they can give Zakah to the person home they think he deserves.

The person allegation of poverty and indigence will be believe, if he wasn’t known as rich, so if it was proved that he has money his allegation wouldn’t be believed until he proved and evidence.

7. The poor and the indigent shall be given share from Zakah that’s satisfy his requirements all along his age which is evaluated with sixty years provided that it wouldn’t affect the rest of those who deserve Zakah, in this case he will be giving money satisfy his needs for one year.

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