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Cloning core & legal sentence,

Auther : Dr: Abd Alaziz Ben Mohammed Ben Othman Alrabeesh.

Research outline:

1. Cloning is a recent issue therefore it has no definition in dictionaries or linguistic books complies with the desired meaning. What we find is a close meaning to the scientific cloning which is to make a copy typical to the original one.

2. There are two kinds of cloning according to the wide use of the term: physical cloning which is called biological or nuclear cloning. This is what realized when we use the word cloning. Ewe “Dolly” in an example of this cloning. The second kind of cloning is genetic or fission cloning.

3. “ Dolly” wasn’t the initiative of cloning, it was preceded by a series of connected links. The beginning was in 1938. Certainly these attempts weren’t as developed as the attempts of the scientific team researcher achievement in cloning “ Dolly ”. These attempts weren’t surrounded by this huge propaganda that covered the cloning of “Dolly”.

4. Cloning is not equal or of resemblance to Allah’s creation, but it comes under Allah’s will.

5 – It’s clear cloning has advantages, disadvantages and risks explained in details in the research.

6. - Islam urges Muslims to research, think contemplate and use their minds according to Islamic Sharia. Thus Islam confirms on any discovery, experience or conclusion in modern science – whatever the field of this science provided their compliance to Quran, suna and the consensus of the majority of scholars.

These scientific issues mustn’t contradict the Islamic Rules, Sharia’s objectives and elevated constructions.

7. - It’s legally to apply cloning and Genetic engineering techniques in the fields bacteriology, microorganisms, plants and animals within the limits of legal restrictions and in a manner which achieves benefits and prevents corruption.

8 – I prefer the Islamic concept that forbids human cloning or any attempt, experiment or genetic engineering researches in the field of Human cloning.

9 – using cloning to beget children is illegal in Islam if the couple or either one of them is barren.

10 – Islam forbids human cloning for the purpose of using those human copies as spare parts, which is more horrible than cloning just for cloning itself.

11 – If the process of cloning human organs outside the human body separately succeeded, in my opinion it will be legal, because it includes many benefits for humanity which is in a bad need.

Further, we have to develop and support researches and experiments to make use of their success in humanity services.

12. Whether cloning dead people is possible or impossible its legal sentence will be the same of cloning embryo form a living human.

Which was proved to be prohibited then with the more reason that cloning dead people to be prohibited.

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