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Sheikh Ahmed Shakir and his methodology on Imam Ibn Hambal ascription “Musnad”

Auther : Dr. Atif Altuhami Fouad


The features of Sheikh Ahmed Shakir life can be summarized in main points:

1st.: The Shikh, God give him mercy, had cultivated a religious cultivation at a home of science and generosity. This cultivation left its impacts on him till he passed away. He was born on 1309 H. correspond to 1892 AD., in his father’s house at Aldarb Alahmer in Cairo. The family’s origin is from South of Egypt (Sayeed Misr) city of Jirja and the family is of the honorees (Ashraf) as his lineage finishes to Alhussain Ibn Ali, may god be pleased with them.

2nd: He was not besmirched by involving the mazes of ideological deviations and aberration that was existing during his time.

3rd.: The man was of superior politeness and much humbleness as we found no struggles or bad talking that is out of the superior scientific politeness related to him, against his time’s people.

4th: His approach in the Ascription “Al-Musnad” is more closer to investigating than explaining

5th: The wideness of leniency in his judgment of evidences is very clear and outstanding for that who follow-up his Hadith books.

6th: His scientific researches and studies are distinguished by being profound, deep-rooted, insight and acquaintance and patience capacity for research are very obvious in them.

7th. The scientific trust that the Sheikh was characterized by during his time, was a prized one.

8th: Only one chapter of the printed Ascription “Al-Musnad” was studied and there remain four of them.

9th: In the study there are still much valuable researches need to be grouped in one book to make easy benefiting and catch sight of them.


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