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Arabs Customary in Receiving Religious Address

Auther : Dr. Ahmed Sheikh Abdulsalam

Research summary:

Complying to Arab customary through Islamic legislation days is necessary to receive the religious (Qurran /Prophet )address and many interpreters and jurisprudents took care of it.

Considering this customary requires an accurate knowledge of that time linguistic usage fields and gaoverning principles, the indications that the address had employed to convey the thesis and proofs that accompanied mentioning of the religious address. Recently, complying to the original customary has an importance in good receiving of this address despite the existence of another new customary for addressing among Arabs which is a customary that should be limited to guidance for understanding modern linguistic customs related to implementation of the address thesis and reformulating of the concepts being obtained from it for the purpose of applying it to the living realities.

The term (customary) means the thing that is known within its field, and in the field of linguistic communication, the customary includes all the linguistic customs, principles, characteristics, approaches and meanings and the handling field types known among users of a particular language as it is a prevailing custom among the language people, that is comprehensive and binding them along with and those who use their language.

Arabs customary on address: a group of the addressing manner and style that Arabs accustomed to and knew in their Arabian tongue communication.

Considering the customary: Recognizing the address customary is one of the assured means, during legislation days, for attaining the speaker’s intents. Interpreters and jurisprudents of Sunnat scientists had enhanced necessity of understanding the religious address in the light of Arabs Customary according to their tongue away from Sheiyat, Sofis and other occults elucidations, as these infringed the original handling field.

Necessity of specifying the customary: The customary view on understanding the religious address is supported by: the original base (consideration according to the general wording and not to the grounds ) that the grounds of revelation or mentioning is of the evidences demonstrating the intended meaning.

Types of Customary:

Arabs customary on receiving religious address has many types, some of which are:

a. Customary of address receiving and deducing the meanings targeted by the speaker

b. Customary of using the address aspects. and this is affected by the efforts of the language speakers in receiving the address and both of them are among a customary that is prior to Islam and it represents the linguistic address custom of the Arabs who were coeval to revelation. Or an Islamic customary address that is innovated in Islamic texts, such as Shariay meanings for many words such as Al-Zakat “Alms”, Al-Salat “Prayer”

Deriving of the word’s usage concept: to interpret the word or the expression according to what it indicate on the heretical language usage, as well as the necessity of the companions and their followers deriving of the address receiving customary, then kn

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