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Copulating with women in the organ prohibited by Shariyaa

Auther : Dr. Tariq Mohammed Al-Tawarie

Regarding copulating with woman in her anus: Prohibiting is the say of all science people in all countries and at all times – and all jurisprudents the modernists as well as the traditionalists

Individual opinions were found allowing such copulation but its evidences are not reliable whether mental or being quoted, as all of them are probably be ejected or considered weak.

The argument can be briefed by the following points:

To say that it is allowed or antipathy is favored and that is the most important result we come to.

  1. It is certainly evidenced that Prophet Ahadith indicating that copulating with woman in her anus is prohibited, and some of such clearly stating this fact such as reported by Um Salma and Ibn Abas. God gratify them.
  2. Prohibition was also evidenced by some companions and followers
  3. Prohibiting woman copulating in her anus is the opinion of all jurisprudence either for The Four Imams or others
  4. The predecessors and successors agreed to prohibition, Almaurdi reported the Companions unanimously agreed to prevention, and it is evidenced by Abi Aldrda, Abd-Allah Ibn Amr Ibn Alas, Ibn Abas, Abi Huriyra and Ibn Masoud – God gratify them.
  5. Consensus has been concentrated on prhibition as being told by Alieni in (Albenayah).
  6. Prohibition is convenient to the reported, reasonable, Shariyaa rules that established to eliminate and decrease harm. Medcine proved that copulation in the anus shall be a reason for malignant, fatal, and deadly diseases.
  7. Allowing Copulation in the anus attributed to Ibn Omar (not expressed but the contrary is confirmed, which has been provided by some checkers as Alzahabi, Ibn Alqiym and Ibn Kathir)
  8. Allowing Copulation in the anus attributed to Imam malik is affirmed but he changed his mind and he emphasized prohibiting the same.
  9. Allowing Copulation in the anus attributed to Imam Shafiyi is not expressed, although it is affirmed, but is deemed an old speechwhich has been changed, and Ibn Alqiyam said that Alshafiy first style: discontinuation then prohibition which is the dominant.
  10. Allowing Copulation in the anus attributed to a big group of Companions and followers (as said by Ibn Alromi of Ibn Shaban ) is false , but the correct is the contrary. Those who allow copulation in the anus are very few, and some of their speaches are mere probability.
  11. Allowing Copulation in the anus attributed to Imami Sheiat absolutely not correct but antipathetic is their doctrine

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