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Mounts Legalized by Shariya

Auther : Dr. Ahmed Al-Haji Al-Kurdi

Amounts legalized by Sharya are measures, balances and distances that Muslims were dealing with during The First age, time of Prophet and his companions (God gratify them) who came after him, then followers and the doing well followers who are doing well till Doomsday

These measures are changeable pursuant to changes of countries and renewable according to times renewing, and changes are in the names as well as in the measures quantities. As accuracy and familiarity with the same become necessary for all people transactions, in order that their Sharya provisions are being set, such as Zakat (Alms) and Sadaqat (Charities), and to facilitate their sale and purchases, lease and association transactions, now therefore, they shall be restudied and reevaluated by jurisprudence and specialized as long as time and place change. This is to facilitate the compliance with religion provisions by all people and to simplify their transactions, particularly at modern age where communication between nations and people become easier and exchanging relations between them being increased to the extent, due such facility, they become as one country. Accordingly, we can conclude the extent of contemporary civilization interest in amount statement and soliciting to unification or approximating the same.

In my study, I showed the most important amounts legalized by Shariya, that Muslims were dealing with at The First Age, and the equivalent to them in the modern age amounts. The study is based on the original jurisprudence books, references of the Four Doctrine (Almazahib Alarbah) and the recent certified books that handled such type of studies. I pointed to the controversies, whenever they were existing, between jurisprudents in that respect and I followed that by a table showing the quantities of these amounts according to jurisprudents whom their speeches were getting closer to each other or being unified and according to Hanafiya who disagreed to most of them. Afterwards, I stated that which is in-between of these two jurisprudence trends. In the study, I suggested a style which I thought would be the best to match the opinions for unifying them, in order to refer the matter to jurisprudence conventions for selecting the best, the more accord and the more powerful evidence, then the decision of these conventions should be presented to Muslims caretakers to attest them and accordingly they will be binding for all people leading to facilitate their transactions.

Hereunder, I shall give names of the amounts I mentioned in the study, which include balances and measures but distances, I had conducted an independent research for them which I shall publish later if God wish.:


First: Measures Second: Balances
Alardab Alistar
Alsaa Aloqiyah
Alaraq Alhabbah
Alfaraq Aldirham


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