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Al-Noursi’s Methodology in Explaining Allah’s Most Beautiful Names

Auther : Dr. Al-Shafee’ Al-Mahi Ahmad

The Name of Allah (SWT) is a proper noun that designates the Divine Entity Whose existence is self-necessary. Allah(SWT) has designated His Supreme Entity with many names which were indicated by Prophet’s (PBUH) Hadith: “ Allah has ninety nine names, one hundred but one.”

Allah (SWT) has named Himself by these names to indicate their effects and manifestations in the life of human beings. This was known in Islamic theology as “attachment” (تعلّق) which Noursi, and others, called “manifestations”, a designation that might express the particular relationship of its various realities. Let us have some examples to clarify this point in some of the Allah’s Most beautiful Names:

1. Alfard (The Unique One): It designates the meaning of the Entity (of Allah). The Uniqueness and Oneness of Allah mean absolute confirmation of His Entity.

The Oneness is clearly manifested in the easiness of creating beings, which could not be so clearly manifested would the issue of creation was assigned to non-oneness concept. The same could be applied to all other issues.

2. Al-Hayy (The Alive One): Life of all creatures is the greatest manifestation of that Name “Al-Hayy”. This meaning is supposed to drive them to thank the Benefactor, the life-Giver (SWT); it is also a proof of the existence of the Other Life, the Real Life. Without belief in the Other Life man would have remained ever wretched.

3. al-Qayyoum (The Self-Subsisting and Supporter of all): It indicates that Allah is self- sustaining, not in need of anything or anyone, while every being is need of Him. In rank, this name comes after the name “Al-Hayy”, and its manifestations come too in this second rank.

The existence and continuity of the heavenly bodies is tied to the secret of that Name (Qayyoumship), otherwise they would have scattered and dispersed. The same could be applied to other beings.

In this way, every one of the Most Beautiful Names has its manifestations in the life of human being and of the whole universe. The apparent relationship between the Name of Allah and its function was behind bringing creatures into existence, determining their functions and specifying every being with what designates it.

The wisdom of Allah’s (SWT) Most Beautiful Names’ manifestations in the life of human beings are related to the three important functions assigned to them:

  1. Organizing, through human being, all graces disseminated in all beings and connecting them with his benefits and interests.
  2. Human being’s fulfillment of his duty of calling others to Allah and guiding them to know Him, utilizing the abilities given to him by Allah. This imposes upon him to thank the One Who bestowed them upon him.
  3. Human being makes of his life a mirror to reflect the manifestations of Allah’s Names and Attributes. This state makes human being feel his Creator’s absolute power, vast knowledge and encompassing all creatures.

Hence, human being’s whole life reflects the manifestations of Allah’s Most Noble Names and this generates in him fear and yearning, tranquility and confidence as well as caution; as a result, he performs his devotions to Allah on clear knowledge away from confliction with universal Divine laws.

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