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‘Umdat Al-Qari’ wa Al-Sami‘ fi Khatm Al-Sahih Al-Jami‘

Auther : Edited by Dr. Mubarak ibn Saif Al-Hajiri

Much efforts and care were taken in my editing of the manuscript of “ ‘Umdat Al-Qari‘ wa Al-Sami‘ fi Khatm Al-Sahih Al-Jami‘, of Al-Sakhawi (d. 902 AH) (May Allah give him mercy)!). I edited the work out of two of its manuscripts: The first is at Egyptian national Library under No. (329, Hadith), which was written by the handwriting of Al-Qastalani (d.923AH), one of Al-Sakhawi’s students. This manuscript was relied upon as the first source for editing. The second manuscript is from Chaterbeti [!] Library, Dublin, Ireland, It was written by Al-Bilbaisi (d. 937AH), who is also one of the students of Al-Sakhawi, the author of the book.


The researcher followed the rules and techniques of editing manuscripts such as comparing the original copies, recording differences, information documentation, authenticating Hadiths, suitable commenting and preparing table of contents and bibliography.


Al-Sakhawi’s book is one of a type of books known as “kutub al-khatm” (Books Reviewing) which contain recording of one or more sessions of introducing and reviewing the contents of a book with some useful and interesting comments in addition to brief biography of the author of the book reviewed.


Al-Sakhawi, (rd.) wrote a number of books of this type dealing with some works or collections of Hadith, such as: Sahih Muslim, Sunan Al-Nisa’i, Sunan ibn Majah, and others.


This book of Al-Sakhawi, is reviewing “Sahih Al-Bukhari”. The points discussed in this book were as follows:


  1. The Imamate of Al-Bukhari (rd.) in the fields of Hadith and Jurisprudence in addition to his asceticism and piety.



  2. The status of Al-Bukhari’s book “Al-Jami Al-Sahih” over other books of Hadith.



  3. Comparison between Al-Bukhari’s book and Muslim’s book to state the preference of the former.



  4. The status of Al-Bukhari in Hadith, Jurisprudence, in addition to linguistics. It indicated that that he, in his “Al-Jami’…”, has agreed with the Shafi’i School of Jurisprudence, but he was himself a Mujtahid, not a follower of that school.



  5. In the last Hadith in Al-Bukhari, “
  6. Al-Sakhawi explained the meaning of that last Hadith throwing more light on he biographies of its narrators, particularly the Companion Abu Hurayrah (rd.).



  7. Al-Sakhawi threw numerous useful points and comments along his book, particularly in relation to issues of Hadith studies. The researcher gave more comments and clarifications that contributed in presenting the manuscript in the form desired by the author himself.


كلمتان خفيفتان على اللسان... narrated by Abu Hurayrah, Al-Sakhawi reported his own chain of transmition reaching up to Al-Bukhari.



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