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On Translating the Meanings of Al-Quran

Auther : Dr. ‘Afaf ‘Ali Shukri

The effective role of translation on civilizations’ reactions is undeniable. It helped Muslims enter the world of scientific and experimental as well as theoretical knowledge.

Numerous translated works, in theoretical knowledge, particularly, in the fields of humanities and social studies, in addition to sending students to study abroad, were behind the powerful Western influence upon Arab culture in modern times, as well as the Western cultural invasion of the Muslim world. Muslims up to now are still falling under the influence of this invasion.

This historical review of translation activities between West and the Muslim East aims at clarifying the role of translation in controlling the journey of scientific and cultural relations between Western and Islamic civilizations.

Thanks to the truthfulness of its Divine source, its intellectual characteristics and humanistic inclinations, Islamic civilization has been looked forward to by these countries that accepted Islamic civilization to be the foundation of its civilization.

Islamic culture has characterized with a distinct identity that enabled it of benefiting from the heritage of other nations as well as the original contributions of Muslim scholars.

The translation of Al-Quran has contributed greatly in presenting its excellence to non-Arabic speakers, Muslims and non-Muslims, making it understandable, refuting misconceptions, which the enemies of Islam have fabricated and ascribed to Al-Quran, and enlightening non-Muslims of the facts and teaching s of Islam.

Orientalists’ greatly distorted translations of Al-Quran played a negative role out of their objective of building a strong barrier in front of seekers of knowledge about the reality of the message and DEEN (religion) of Allah through His final revelation, Al-Quran.

Qadianism, one of the perverted and straying sects, is another destructive tool. To support and serve their claims and concepts, they abused translation of Al-Quran by twisting its meanings and inserting false interpretations.

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