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The Relationship Between the Authority of Revelation

Auther : Dr. Abd Al-Majeed Muhammad Al-Souswah,


This paper, is an analytical study of the relationship between the authority of revelation and the intellectual Ijtihad from the juristic principles point of view in the area of legislation. It aims at rooting and clarifying one of the major issues in the Islamic methodology, which is that intellectual Ijtihad in the Islamic jurisprudence must start from and revolve around revelation. It must not neglect or go beyond the texts, guidance and objectives of revelation. This issue was dealt with in three main points:

  1. Clarifying the meaning of the authority of revelation to state that the it is the sole reference, that its laws encompass all domains of life and that it consequently must be observed. As for the latter, the intellectual Ijtihad, scholars are unanimously agreeing that it must stick to the definite texts of the former. As for the indefinite texts, scholars are of two opinions: The majority said that we must study all possible interpretations to select the most appropriate one, while the Mutazilites and Imamites said that such indefinite text are to be referred to the intellect.
  2. The five bases of the relationship between the authority of revelation and the intellectual Ijtihad, which are: Dependence of intellect on revelation, submission to it, having harmony with it, being tied to it and necessity of exerting efforts to understand texts of revelation to drive its laws and judgements.
  3. The effect of the authority of revelation upon the intellectual Ijtihad in regard to the following issues:

  1. The limits that authority sets for that Ijtihad in understanding the four types of texts,
  2. The types of Ijtihad which must revolve around revelation,
  3. The prerequisite qualifications for the intellect to practice Ijtihad for

understanding revelation and deducing from its texts and objectives.

To tackle this study I had to consult more than 90 references.

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