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The Stand of Revelation Towards Jewish Religious Heritage

Auther : Dr. Ziad Khaleel Muhammad Al-Daghameen

The Jewish religious heritage is composed of the efforts and unproved statements of the Jewish rabbis to interpret Allahs revelation to Prophet Moses (pbuh). Jews tried to use this heritage for securing distinguished status over other nations. Studying the stand of the Islamic revelation would lead to many results, the most important among them are putting an end to the deviation in the course of human life which is still depending on the previous scriptures, and clarifying the fault that lead to the spread of the statements of that heritage in the books of Muslims.

This paper is composed of an introduction, four chapters and an epilogue.

The first chapter dealt with the Jews way of treating their Heavenly Book and clarified that they did not decide about the Torah and its ascription to Allah. It was found that they have distorted the Torah in wording and in meaning, in addition to shallow understanding and commercializing it, which is enough to make it loose its holiness and effect.

The second chapter is about their challenges to the Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh) through raising disabling questions and trying other tests so as to embarrass the Message of Islam.

The third chapter dealt with the stand of the Prophets (pbuh) towards the Jewish religious heritage to clarify that both the Prophetic and the Quranic guidance clearly separate between that heritage and the Islamic mentality and culture. It also clarified that the Tradition (Hadith),: حدثوا عن بني إسرائيل ولا حرج . , Don not hesitate relate to the Children of Israel. , is contradicting the general course of the Quran and Sunnah.

The fourth chapter cited various examples of how the Prophet dealt practically with the Biblical information:

  1. taking stands independent and different from those of the Jews and Christians,
  2. facing their deviations and interpretations concerning the faith,
  3. warning about their distortions and negligence of the of Allahs Law,
  4. correcting their errors about women,
  5. refusing racial discrimination they had,
  6. commanding some Muslims to learn Hebrew as a precaution against Jews evil and as a medium of calling them to accept the Truth.
  7. The most important conclusions of this study were:

  8. Both the Quran and the Sunnah had laid a full rupture with the Jewish religious heritage,
  9. Distortion and changing scriptures were their habit which they had practiced with the Torah and the Gospel,
  10. They have turned after that to Islam to distort its traits and deform its image, particularly in the Western countries.

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