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Roots of Faith and their effect on the behavior of the herald

Auther : Dr. Abdul-Rahman Saleh Salim AL-Jeeran

Roots of Faith and their effect on the behavior of the herald
Dr. Abdul-Rahman Saleh Salim AL-Jeeran
Prof . Assistant in Islamic Studies Division – Faculty of basic Education – Public Authority of Applied Education – State of Kuwait.
Origins of Faith have great effect on Muslim's life if it enters hearts of people it will give fruit like a tree which has deep roots in earth and branch in the sky . It gives its fruit every now and then by permission of Allah .
Belief is a moving factor for man whether it is right or wrong .
This ensures that faith is deep rooted in man's nature.
Islam came with faith roots which are Faith in God , his angels , his books , his Messengers , the final day and destiny good and bad .
There roots have behavioral as well as faith effects on lives of individuals and societies .
1- Faith in Allah most elevated be , who created creatures . He most be elevated is worthy of all perfection and greatness attributes . The world we live in today is a trace of his names and attributes . His actions in the universe are a trace of his attributes which are as follows : wisdom , capability , strength , knowledge and so on .
2- Faith in angels as well casts its effects on a muslim's life as knowledge of the greatness of the creator who created them from light as he created ginnis from fire and human being from mud.
3- Faith in Holy Books : This leads to knowledge of the care of Allah for his creatures from the first person to the last one .
As he did not leave them without caring for them .
4- Faith in Messengers of Allah (peace be on them) This faith leads to the knowledge of the mercy of Allah as Allah most be gratified . As He did not leave a nation without sending them herald as there will not a torture  without a messenger sent to warn his people. we do not torture people before sending a herald .
5- Faith in the last day . This has a great effect on a muslim's behavior because a person who believes in the arrival of the last day will be ready for it and would be careful on practicing worship in the best way .
6- Faith in destiny : This part is great . it includes dependence on Allah after following reasonable ways and doing great acts . This part includes preparing answers on people who deny belief in destiny and yield to laziness and leave work and earn their living . This problem was discussed and answered . In closing research of inviting people to follow Shariah which comes from heaven and which did not leave anything un discussed besides its flexibility and care for change of time . This enters in the hard working part . It is also distinguished by its fair balance between good things of life now and life in the hereafter . The topic of arranging for oneself comes at the end of the research . This is important to get human perfection now and in the hereafter . Allah says : He has succeeded the person who purified himself . It also leaves lots of effects on a muslim because it is a reason of his purity of heart . Following good example is related to heart purity . The Companions of the Prophet Allah be pleased with them imitated the Prophet in his deeds and sayings . They were also sincere .
The prophet's companions also understood the importance of sincerity to Allah be most elevated in all deeds . They are steps in the stairs to please Allah . By sincerity  to the Lord The Islamic Nation can achieve victory and safety from suffering torture of the Day of Judgment  and be protected from misleading and gain good reputation among people beside heart tranquility and be saved from distress . All these are fruit of sincerity to Allah most be elevated.

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