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Readings between Basrah and Kufah grammerians

Auther : Dr Mohamed Falah Ismail Mundacar

Readings between Basrah and Kufah grammerians
Dr Mohamed Falah Ismail Mundacar
A teacher in Tafseer  and Hadith Division . Faculty of Shariah and Islamic studies – Kuwait university –
Praise be to Allah and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and his Relatives , companions and friends the following is :
It is surely known that the science of Readings has added lots of benefits and precious gems which are related to explanation , Tafseer and Quranic sciences or what is related to linguistic sciences , mainly: the science of grammar :
I felt there is difference in tendencies of grammarians interested in this fine art . There are supports and establishers of lots of grammar rules resulted from these readings through their examples of what they point out . There are also people in the opposition camp of various differences and methods during their direction of readings or mentioning them . I wanted to mention brief notes in this art to prove relations of the science of readings to the science of grammar and coming of rules and issues on that science as follows :
1- Concept of the Holy Quran and readings.
2- Relation of grammar to readings.
3- Showing the attitude of readers and grammarians to readings.
4- Readings among Basra scholars and Kufah scholars.
5- Opinions of some contemporary scholars in this case.
6- Reading for grammarians is a linguistic text acceptable for comparison.
7- Effect of readings in grammarian complication
I finished these topics with the results I could reach then I indexed sources and references

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