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Suckling according to Islamic Shari'ah (Shedding light on some issues)

Auther : Researcher : Haif'a Ahmed Al-Hajji Al-kurdi

Suckling according to Islamic Shari'ah  (Shedding light on some issues)
Researcher : Haif'a Ahmed Al-Hajji Al-kurdi
 M.A in Fiqh Usool and Comparative fiqh from Shari'ah Faculty and Islamic
 Studies – Kuwait University – State of Kuwait
 This research discuses some topics related to suckling in four topics.
Topic one : A research in the concept of suckling and judgment in being prohibited whether milk is given from natural outlets not known as suckling places.
Topic two : This topic dealt with milk giver woman breaking the fast in the month of Ramadan through breaking the fast judgment and its reasons and results as repeating the fast without paying Fedia or with Fedia according to Fiqh scholars and their outweighs.
Third Topic : It dealt with milk banks as it is a new innovation started in Western countries. Late Muslim scholars talked and dealt with this topic these days. In this research we expose the idea showing its importance and motives behind it and equally showing saying of contemporary Fiqh scholars both agreeing and disagreeing and showing proofs of each team.
Fourth research : It deals with elders suckling which was also discussed in books of old Fiqh scholars. In our time it is argumentative topic which floats on surface now and then. In this topic I showed the issue and how it originated and reasons of difference concerning it besides approved sayings and proofs.

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