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Fairness and benevolence in editing

Auther : Dr. Ali Thurayan Al Ja'fari Al Inzi

Fairness  and benevolence in editing
The objections of Ibn Mas'ud to Othman's copy of the Holy Qur'an (Allah be pleased with them)
(A critical analytical study)
Dr. Ali Thurayan Al Ja'fari Al Inzi
Teacher in interpretation and Hadith Division,
Faculty of Shari'ah and Islamic studies – University of Kuwait
The research aims at shedding light on a historical event in the history of the Ummah of Islam related to the written Holy Qur'an and the attitude of the Companion of the prophet Ibn Mas'ud Allah be pleased with Him – towards gathering the Mus-haf in one book by the third Caliph Othman (Allah be pleased with Him) in only one authorized copy. Then he ordered to burn up all other copies. Some historical sources mentioned that Ibn Mas'ud took an objection attitude against collecting the Holy Qur'an parts in one unified copy in the caliph Othman era.
The objections were three in number as follows :
-Choosing Zaid Ibn Thabet to take up the responsibility of collecting and writing the Holy Qur'an and presenting it despite the precedence of Ibn Mas'ud and his proven knowledge of the Holy Qur'an.
-Burning up other copies and receiving the order to deliver his own copy to be burnt up.
-Fixing Al-Fateha and the two Mu'awadat into the copy. I showed the following on each objection :
1-The objection of Ibn Mas'ud was proved and ensured.
2-Showing the objection of Ibn Mas'ud and its justification and the reason of the objection.
3-Discussion of the objection and extent of the validity of caliph Othman's attitude – Allah be satisfied with him. Then I ensured the attitudes of most companions of the Holy prophet Allah be pleased with them, of Othman's collection and unifying represented by their agreement and support of Caliph Othman (Allah be pleased with him).
I followed this by mentioning the attitudes of companions towards Ibn Mas'ud and his three objections and their rejection.
I finally ensured something which should be mentioned that the return of Ibn Mas'ud to acceptance of the majority and the unanimous acceptance of Othman's collection and his writing the Holy Qur'an until unanimity was realized and the Ummah took one and the same attitude approving Othman's greatest project. The absolute interest of the whole Ummah was accomplished. I concluded the research by mentioning the most important results and benefits and the lessons taken from the important event.

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