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Muslim Minority and Da’wa In China As a matter of fact

Auther : Dr. So’ud A.Azeez Al-Dosseri

Muslim Minority  and Da’wa In China As a matter of fact

A study on political,social and religious conditions


Dr. So’ud A.Azeez Al-Dosseri

Prof.Assitant in belief  and Da’wa faculty of Shari’a  and Islamic Studies ,Kuwait University .


Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds , Peace and blessings be on our prophet Mohamed His companions and  all believers until the Day of Judgement .

In traditional writings , it is said that a person who does not care for Muslims does not belong to them . Based on this I am willing to write a scientific research about Muslims in China and about Da’wa for Allah’s  cause as well as a stud of their political, social and religious conditions . I depend on Allah Most Elevated hoping I may take part in shedding light on the real matter of fact of Islamic Da’wa in China . Ameer Shkeep Arsalan . Mercy of Allah be on him said, more than a half century ago,”China Moslems are not in this world “. When Lorob Stewart wrote about their conditions  and about them to introduce them to the world .This writer is the author of the book”The Islamic World at present time”. Writing about China and about Muslims of China is no  an easy thing to do .It is extremely difficult because sources of information are scarce and hard to find.

Doors are locked ,If any one wants to know any thing about conditions of Muslims in areas which were closed until 1980. Majority of population in those areas are Muslims .

If you want to know about them you can see them in real life situations , Al-Tayeb Weld Al-Arossi  ( recorded a demographic explosion) China became at the third millinium one of major world powers ).Muslims of China contributed greatly to Muslim civilization in spread of knowledge and Islamic Sciences , to that country belong a lot of scientists. Chinese made Turkistan one of their regions ,they called it Sinkiang  (New Land), French Philosopher Father Sheridan said ,”If you had already


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