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Sharia Ruqias ( Enchanters) between Revelation And Implementation

Auther : Dr. Falah Ismail Mundkar*



Praise be to Allah and peace and prayers of Allah be on the Messenger of Allah:

Allah Subhanaho Wa Taala says ( we send down (stage by stage) in the Quran which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe) Surah Isra verse 82.

The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) says ( you are advised to use the two healings   honey and The Quran).

These quotations suggest the importance of healing by Holy Quran and that all parts of the Quran are good for healing.

Our predecessors used the Holy Quran for healing. They actually found their healings done by Holy Quran. They found it a relief for hearts, minds and bodies as well as psyches. There are several ayat ( verses) as evident examples.

Sharia Ruqias (Enchanters) are well-known and familiar. What are Ruqias definition and limits?

Definition: Ruqia (singular) and Ruqa (plural). The practitioner is called Raqi. The person who asks for it is called Mustarqi. It is the enchanter used for healing a patient.

Scholars of Fiqh defined it as the words or prayers said to heal a person.

Ruqia is allowed according to Holy Qran and Sunnah. Our prophet )peace be upon him did it for himself. He used to ask for protection from Jennis and mans evil eye. Until the revelation of the two Surahs ( Al-Falq and Al-Nas) numbers 113 and 114. He adhered to these two Surahs and left other prayers. He did Ruqias for other people.

He taught us to make Ruqias for ourselve


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