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The Images of Woman in the Hadiths of the Signs (Portents) Al-Saa‘a (the Hour)

Auther : Dr. Abdullah (Muhammad Amin) Wanas Al-Umary

In realty, were witnessed many of the prophecies foretold by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) concerning future and the signs of the Hour? Our belief is that all Prophetic prophecies mentioned in the authentic Hadiths, which are indicators of the authenticity of the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH), will certainly happen as mentioned. 


Among those fulfilled prophecies are the following:


  1. Increase in the number of females and decrease in the number of males to reach the rate of 1/40. Though we did not reach such level, but some clear increase has occurred in some Muslim regions ruled by Ottomans during WWI. It is probable that this rate will increase in future to reach that high level foretold by the Prophet.
  2. Muslim women’s neglecting of their hijab, displaying their bodies and beauty with excessive going out their homes semi-naked, emulating non-Muslim women.
  3. Spreading and practicing, sometimes publicly, illegal sexual acts, such as  adultery, incest and lesbian, with no curb. Such abnormal behaviors have become a reality in our time.
  4. Wide spread of trade and oversupply of merchandise with women participation in these activities, some of them even used as tools for advertising those goods in the media. 
  5. Taking vile singing and musical tools as halal, with women heavily and irresponsibly participating in such low activities. This prophecy is now almost a reality; but there is another part of the prophecy stated that such groups of people will be deformed and transformed into monkeys and pigs and made to be swallowed by earth. This part has not yet occurred, if taken literally.
  6. The appearance of Al-Dajjal (Anti-Christ) and being followed by a great number of women. Of course, this prophecy has not yet appeared.
  7. The productive woman feels unhappy, while the barren (childless) one feels happy, due to the spread of poverty and turmoils. We have not yet seen this sign.
  8. Assigning affairs to Women, whether those affairs were related to the nation or to the family. Some of these changes started to appear in the form of delegating some men’s responsibilities to women. 

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