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Ethics of Electronic Trade According to the Islamic Jurisprudence

Auther : Dr. Muhammad Mansour Rabie Al-Madkhali


The concept of trade means investing and managing wealth with the purpose of getting legal profits. The electronic trade in the modern sense is basically of this type with the addition of technicalities, communications and devices that lead to that positive result. Islam, before positive systems, showed interest in trade and set detailed rulings to make it a wide source of legal profiting in for Muslims. The electronic trade depends on bases, interests and Islamic principles regulated by the Islamic Sharia in a wise approach. Trade contracts in particular, including electronic ones, are based upon mutual consent in all times, places, societies and means. Islam permits electronic trade with non-Muslim countries as part of Muslims’ relations with others according to the relevant conditions. Adherence to the good ethics of Muslim businessman, such as truthfulness, honesty, abstaining from cheating, in addition to the rules of commercial transactions such as absence of usury, monopoly and gambling, is an important feature of the electronic trade. People are in need of clarifying the Fiqh rulings so that their transactions in electronic services become clear and legal according to verified guidelines in cases such as credit cards, letters of credit and service providers, etc….


The findings of this research touched upon many activities related to the services of the electronic web, such as:

-         Accepting commission,

-         Legality of the electronic commercial selling according to customs which were approved by rules set by the faqeehs and modern Fiqh academies as well.

-         Legality of electronic commercial advertisements with its procedures,

-         Legality of using credit cards in electronic transactions taken as a paid commercial brokerage or guarantee (kafalah).

-         Supporting the copy rights.



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