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Alexithymia and Psychosomatic Disorders Among Normal and Orphan Adolescents: A Comparative Study
Author :Dr. Mariam M. Ziadat - Dr. Ahmed A. Al-Sherefeen

Performance Evaluation of Departments' Heads in Al-Imam M. Bin-Saud Islamic University: A Survey of Faculty Members' Ratings
Author :Dr. Khalid A. Al-Thubaiti

Songs Included in New (Our Beautiful Language) Books for Grades (1-4) An Analytical Study in Light of the Standards of Children's Literature
Author :Dr. Iyad E. Abdeljawad

Happiness and its Relation to Well-Being and Religiosity Among a Sample of Qatar University Students
Author :Prof. Ahmad M. Abdel-Khalek - Dr. Asmaa A. Al-Atiyah

The Instructional Difficulties in Teaching Bio-logy in High School from Teachers Perspectives in the State of Kuwait
Author :Dr. Ali H. Ebrahim

Visual Spatial Processing Speed for Children with Intellectual Disabilities
Author :Dr. Husien A. Abdelfattah

The Principal's Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on School-Based Relationships: A Quantitative Research on Selected Private Schools in Beirut
Author :Iman Gh. Freg

Fostering Digital Citizenship Through Acceptable Use Policies In Saudi Government Universities
Author : Dr. Elham A. El-Sa'adoun

A Proposed Administrative Strategy to the Application of Excellence Standards According to Baldrige in Higher Education Institution in Kuwaits
Author :Dr. Naser M. Al-Ajmy

The Effectiveness of Using "Word Press Blog" Game Mechanics in the Learning Process (Gamification), to Develop the Cognitive Aspects of Mathematics For Female High School Students in Jeddah
Author :Manal S. Al-Ghamedi

Solving Mathemamatical Word Problems Difficulties Encounterd by Elementary School Students in Amman as Perceived by Teachers
Author :Dr. Mohammad A. Hamzeh

Differences in The Quality of Life and Some Associated Variables Among University Students and Individuals in Middle Age in Kuwait
Author :Dr. Ahmed S. Al-Azmi

The Degree of Teachers' Employment of Geographical Thinking Skills in Teaching Geography Courses in Post Basic Education
Author :Dr. Saif N. Al-Maamari - Fahad S. Al-Masrori

Training Needs for Kuwait University Faculty Members from Their Perspectives
Author :Dr. Ahmad S. Al-Anezi

Proposed Ethical Code for the Use of Globalization Tools by school Students In Saudi Arabia
Author :Prof. Bashar A. Al- Saleem - Dr. Saud H. Al- Rubaian

The Level of Recognition of Academic Justice and its Relation to Adjustment in University Life Among Students of the College of Basic Education
Author : Dr. Hayfaa A. Al-Yousef- Dr. Hasan A. Al-Humaidi

Multiple Intelligences as Predictors of Academic Self-Efficacy and Academic Adjustment Among University Students
Author :Dr. Salem A. Al-Gharaibes - AbdelShakor A. Al-Mesheikah

The Level of Stress and its Relation to Self-Concept in Deaf Students in the Preparatory Year at King Saud University
Author :Dr. Majed A. Al-Salem - Abdulaziz M. Al-Ghamdi

Educational Supervisors Practice for the techniques of Electronic Educational Supervision in Jordan in Relation to Some Variables
Author :Dr. Mohammad N. Abul-Kishk - Dr. Habes M. Hatamleh

Optimism and Pessimism As Related to Life Satisfaction for University Students (A Field Study on A Sample of Islamic University Students in Gaza)
Author :Dr. Amal A. Nejm

The Role of Humanitarian Colleges in Sattam bin Abdul-Aziz University in Promoting Intellectual Security Among Students
Author :Dr. Huda M. Al-Hothali

Effectiveness of A Group Counseling Program in the Development of Social Responsibility Among Juvenile Delinquents in the Sultanate of Oman
Author :Dr. Ali S. Alodwani

The Effectiveness of SCAMPER Strategy in Developing the Achievement Mathematical Thinking and Maintaining the Learning Outcomes Among the Elementary School Students
Author :Dr. Mervat M. Kamal

The Effectiveness of Using Mind Mapping Strategy on Improving Reading Comprehension Skills of the College of Education at Kuwait University
Author :Dr. Shaye S. Al-Shaye - Dr. Mohammed D. Al-Dhafiri

The Relationship Between Administrative Empowerment and Organizational Commitment as Perceived by Educational Leaders in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Author :Dr. Obaid A. Al-Subaie

The Extent of Using Critical Thinking Strategies and Skills in the Curriculum by Science Teachers' Fifth Grade
Author :Dr. Fatma A. Al-Jassem - Dr. Yaqoub Y. Al-Shatti

The Effictiveness of a Counseling Program Based on REBT in Reducing Social Anxiety
Author :Awatif A. Al-Mutairi - Dr. Ibrahim M. Al-Khulaifi

The Effect of Round House Strategy on Jurisprudential Concepts Acquisition among Basic Eighth Grade Students in Jordan
Author :Prof. Ebrahim A. Al-Zubi - Dr. Adel A. Harahsha

To What Extent the Principles of Constructivism Theory are Employed by Arabic Language Teachers in Their Teaching Strategies from Their Point of View
Author :Maryam H. Ali Al-Biloshi

Teaching Performance Appraisal at the College of Basic Education in the State of Kuwait from the Perspectives of Students and Faculty Members
Author :Dr. Ahmad H. Al-Sanie - Dr. Essa M. Al-Kandari

The Impact of Video Modeling in Teaching Money Skills for Students with Moderate Intellectual Disability
Author :Dr. Huda A. Al-Mumen -Dr. Khaled A. Al-Muhareb -Dr. Noha R. Al-Rowaished

The Impact of Flipped Classroom Approach on College Students' Academic Achievement and Motivation
Author :Dr. Taghreed A. Al-Sudais

Administrative Empowerment and Remote Supervision for Educational Supervisors in Some Jordanian Governorates: A Field Study
Author :Dr. Eman J. Abdel Fatah

A Comparative Study of Three Teaching Strategies in Chemistry Courses for The First Grade Secondary Students and Their Effects on Achievement and Some Emotional and Cognitive Characteristics
Author :Dr. Marwan A. Al-Harbi

A Program to Satisfy the Needs of Mathematics Teachers to Teach Students with Special Educational Needs and Develop Their Attitudes towards their Inclusion into Regular Schools
Author :Dr. Mervat M. Mohammed Ali

Reflections of Islamic Educational Thought on the Ethics charter of Saudi Education Profession
Author :Dr. Othman M. Al-Menaie

Teaching Strategies and Methods for Religious Jurisdiction Subjects in Educational Studies
Author :Dr. Abdulssalam O. Al-Naji

Acceptance Degree of Administrators in Kuwait's General Education Schools and Their Desire Towards the Application of ISTE Standards for Administrators
Author :Dr. Ammar H. Safar - Naser H. Agha

The Effectiveness of a Proposed Program Based on Drama in The Development of Some Skills of Technology in Kindergraten Children
Author :Kinda A. Mas-hoor - Prof. Manal S. Morsi

Management by Wandering Around As Practised by Female Administrative Leaders in Female Student's Study Centers in Saudi Universities
Author :Dr. Fatimah A. Al-Bisher

Increasing Environmental Awareness of Kindergarten Children by Using Puppets
Author :Prof. Azizah Kh. Yateem - Dr. Fatimah A. Dashti

The Effect of Round House Strategy on Jurisprudential Concepts Acquisition among Basic Eighth Grade Students in Jordan Prof. Ebrahim Alubi
Author :Dr. Adel A. Harahsha

The Extent of Using Critical Thinking Strategies and Skills in the Curriculum by Science Teachers' Fifth Grade
Author :Dr. Fatma A. Al-Jassem - Dr. Yakoub Y. Al-Shatti

Factors Affecting Faculty's Acceptance and Using E-gate in Teaching and Knowledge Exchange: A Study Utilizing UTAUT Model at Al-Aqsa University
Author :Dr. Hasan R. Mahdi - Dr. Ashraf A. El-Hinawi

Diagnostic Accuracy of Mathematics Computation Curriculum Based Measures in Screening Fourth Grade Students at Risk for Mathematical Learning Disabilities
Author :Dr. Safia A. Al Shehhi -Dr. Mahmoud M. Emam - Dr. Mahmoud N. Ibrahim

The Effect of Outliers Treatment of TIMSS Scores Data on Estimating Students' abilities Accuracy According to Latent Trait Theory
Author :Dr. Ekhlas I. Al-Atyan

Utilizing E-Portfolios to Enhance Science Cognition and Metacognition of Kindergarten Children
Author :Dr. Ali M. H. Al-Kandari - Dr. Mousa M. Al-Gattan

The Level of Organizational Climate in Kuwait University Colleges and its Impact on Perceived Leadership Support: A field Study
Author :Dr. Meznah S. Al-Azmi

The Effectiveness of Using Digital Storytelling Strategy in Teaching Reading on Reading Comprehension for Non-native Speaker Arabic Language Learners
Author :Dr. Mohammed E. Al-Fouzan

Content Analysis of Social Studies Curriculum of Secondary Education (Credit - hours System) in Saudi Arabia in the Light of Future Thinking Skills
Author :Dr. Ebrahim M. Al-Moghem

HeadingProfessional Identity of School Principals and Assistant Principals in Kuwait Public Schools From Their Point of View
Author :Dr. Amal A. Al-Saleh

HeadingThe Impact of Caricature Drawing on Developing Creative Thinking Skills In Science Among (4th) Grade Students of Basic Education
Author :Shaikha N. Al-Erimyah -Prof. Abdulah Kh. AmbuSaidi

HeadingA Proposed Strategy to Transform Al-Aqsa University-Palestine Into Entrepreneurial University
Author :Dr. Ra'ed H. Al-Hajjar

Heading Effectiveness of A Proposed Training Program for the Faculty Members in Utilizing Cloud Computing in the Process of Teaching and Learning
Author :Dr. Hanan A. AL-Zain

Attitudes of Faculty Members Toward the Inclusion of Blind Students in the Light of Some Variables at Taibah University
Author :Dr. Adel A. Al-Khaledi

Heading Designing Digital Learning Objects in Mathematics and Measure Their Impact on the Mathematical Innovative Capabilities Development of Talented Students in the First Year Common at KSU
Author :Prof. Mohamed E. Al-Zakari - Dr.Manal A.Al-Shebl

HeadingThe Nature of the Educational Policy in Secondary School in ``Singapore'', ``Finland'' (Document Analysis)
Author :Noora W. Bourisly- Wedad A. Al-Ghareeb

Heading A Suggested Framework to Develop "Classroom Teacher" Program at Yarmouk University to Support its Student Teachers to Teach Science Effectively
Author :Dr. Amal R. Malkawi - Amal R. Al-Momani

Heading Empathy and its Relationship to Job Satisfaction Among School Counselors in Damascus Official Schools
Author :Anas M. Shihada -Dr. Sabah M. AL Saqqa

The Impact of Using an Educational Program by Using Robotics to Improve Student Achievement in Mathematics among Gifted and High Achievers
Author :Dr. Eidah M. Al Rwaili

Effectiveness of Visual Mind Map in E-Learning Environment on Developing Scientific Achievement and Visual Thinking Skills Among Students of Faculty of Education in Al-Aqsa University
Author :Dr. Esmail O. A. Hassounah

Evaluating Teaching Arabic Language for Non-Speciality Academic Departments at Princess Alia University College/ Al Balqa Applied University As Perceived by the students
Author :Dr. Atieh E. Abu-Sheikh

The Effectiveness of Educational Leaders in Enhancing Ethics of Education for Teachers as An Approach to The Quality of Secondary Education in Cآte d'Ivoire: A Field Study
Author :Ciss Ahanadou

Effectiveness of Teaching a Program for Mathematics Enrichment Activities on developing Skills of Solving Operations and Numerical Sense Among High Achievers Primary School Pupils
Author :Dr. Abdulaziz S Islam- Dr. Muhammad A. Al-Khatib - Prof.Adel I. Elbaz

Institutional Performance Evaluation in Basic Education Schools Requirements in Sultanate of Oman: A Field Study
Author :Dr. Salim S. Al-Ghanboosi- Dr. Nesreen S. Salah El-Din - Houda A. Al-Housni

Coverage of ``Al- Massera Al- Tarbawya Magazine'' Affiliated to the Ministry of Education in the State of Kuwait for Issues of the Individuals with Special Needs "An Analytical Study"
Author :Dr. Mohammad M. Al -Abdulgafoor- Nouf M. Al-Rasheedi

The Relative Contribution of Some Psychology Variables in the Prediction of Aggressive behavior Among Secondary School Students in State of Kuwait
Author :Dr. Majed M. Alali -Dr. Sameera A. Al-Mathkori

Academic Procrastination and its Relationship with Irrational Thoughts of A sample of Taibah University Students
Author :Dr. Fatimah R. AL-Madani

Cyberbullying in Public Education Schools from the Perspective Of Student Teachers at Kuwait University
Author :Dr. Suad A. Al-Furaih

The Role of Yarmouk University Administration in Implementing Productive University Concept: Obstacles and Solutions Naemeh A. Bani Megdad
Author :Naemeh A. Bani Megdad- Prof. Mohammed A. Ashour

An Assessment of the Knowledge of Arabic Language Teachers of Behavioral Objectives in Mali Arabic Secondary Schools
Author :Keita Djakaridja - Dr. Mohammed Z. Ismail

The Effectiveness of the Use of Reciprocal Teaching Strategy in the Development of the Skills of Interpretation of the Quran and Divergent Thinking Among High School Students of Al-Azhar
Author :Dr. Baligh H. Abdel Qader

The Achievement of Communicative Needs and its Relation with Self Concept of Students in College of Education - Homs
Author :Arwa A. Al-Shami

Problem - Solving Styles and its Relationship to Identity Formation Among Adolescents "A Field Study on a Sample of Public High School Students in Homs City"
Author :Hany M. Abarah

The effect of Using WebQuests on Self-regulated Learning and Attitudes Towards Science and Technology Among Female Students at the Faculty of Education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Author :Dr. Sahar M. Ezzeldin

Effect of Project-Based Learning on Secondary School Students Academic Achievement in Mathematics and Critical Thinking Skills
Author :Dr. Intesar A. Al-Metawa

Arabic Language and Identity in TV Programs Directed to Children: A Theoretical Approach and a Field Study
Author :Dr. Faid Mohammed

Acceptance of Illness and its Relation to Optimism, Pessimism and Quality of life Among Diabetic Patients Among Secondary School
Author :Lulwa A. Al-Hardan - Dr. Hessah A. Al-Nassar

Constraints Confronting Professional Development for Kindergarten Teachers in the State of Kuwait
Author :Bashayer S. Al-Atrozi -Dr. Saleh A. Ababneh

Ruralization of Basic Education in Saudi Arabia In the light of International Experiences
Author :Dr. Mohammad A. Al-Dhibiani

Designing an Instrument for Evaluating the Introduction of a Textbook and Applying it on Islamic Education Textbooks in Jordan
Author :Dr. Khalid A. Al-Soudi

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