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The story in children poetry

Auther : Kafia Ramadan

1 - Identifying the roots of the poetic stories in children’s literature.

2 - Studying the prominent poets in this field and its pioneers.

3 - Classifying the poetic stories for children according to the main characters of the story; human beings animals of nature, J.e. the sun, the moon..etc.

4 - Studying resources of poetic stories for children & the educational objectives of these store.

5 - Presenting some models of the poetic stories. Analysis of these stories answers the following questions:

* To whom the poetic stories were directed (to recognize the age level of children).

* What topics were presented? (To reveal the educational objectives).

* Who were the characters that played the roles. (To recognize the characters).

* How the stories were structured? (To identify the standard of language & the technical styles)

The study concluded that:

* Poetic stories were not directed towards specific age range.

* Topics of poetic stories for children were diversified. It ranged from ancient mythos to present patriotic issues.

* Most Arab poets made use of animal characters. Next to them were human characters. Different nature elements were the least.

* The standard of language, the style of treatment & the kinds of ideas presented showed that most of their poems suit children in the late childhood, in general, and rarely suit younger ages.

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