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Comparative Effect of Multiple-Choice and Short-Answer test on Retention of learning outcomes in the cognitive Domain

Auther : Ahmad S. Audeh

This study intended to compare the effect of multiple choice and short answer items on retention of learning outcome in the cognitive Domain. Both types of items tested the two categories of the cognitive domain (Knowledge and intellectual abilities).

The sample (Consisted of 301 students of the first secondary class) was divided into three groups: (1) Short Answer Group (SAG), (2) Multiple choice Group (MCG), and the control Group (CG) which wa not given tests of any type.

Short Answer and Multiple choice Forms of the retention test were prepared using the same stem for matched for items in both forms.

Fifteen days later, half of each group was given a SA retention test, the second half was given a MC retention test. Each studentصs scores on the two levels were summed to give a total achievement score. The data were analysed by AVOVA and scheffe porcedure. The results of this study showed the following:

1 - Both test groups retention was higher than that of the control group.

2 - SA items were more effective on retention the MC ones, when retention was measured by both SA MC tests togother at each level of performance; but when retention was measured by SAT alone, the SA items proved more effective at the domain and the knwledege level of the domain.

3 - The effect of the two types of items was not significantly different at any of the three levels whan retention was measured by MCT along; and at the understanding level when retention was measured by SAT alone.

These results indicate that the tests may be a teaching strategy. And the SAT is more effective as a teaching strategy than MCT assuming other factores constants.

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