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Quantitaative Internal Efficiency of Governmental Primary Education in Kuwait (Q.I.E.G.P.E.K.)

Auther : Mehanney M. Ghanaiem

Study aimed at identifying Q.I.E.G.P.E.K. and its variance between males and females, so following procedures were done:

1 - Determination of suitable method for Calculating Q.I.E.

2 - Gathering the required data for males and females through the period (1980/81 - 1985/86).

3 - Follow-Up two cohorts (males/females) since their entrance until graduation, then drawing Flow-Map to one of them using reconstructed method.

Important of the study are:

a - Generally, Q.I.E.G.P.E.K. is high, it is 0.91 for males and 0.90 for males and 0.90 for females.

b - Drop-out rates is 6% orignial cohort for males 6.6% for females.

c - Required number of years for graduation is 4.4 for meales and 4.43 for females.

d - Educational wastage caused by repetition is more than the wastage caused by dropsout.

e - The Cost of Educational Wastage estimated by 481160 D.K. Study recommends regulating repetition system, following drop-outs and repeaters, making an individualized system of data and studying qualitative aspect of efficiency for intergrating it with the quantitative aspect of graduates.

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