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Development of the practical studies in the public school in the State of Kuwait

Auther : Abdul Mohsin A. Hamada

The aim of this research is to study the relation between Education, Education technology, and the labour market, in an attempt to shed light on the importance of the interrelationship of the three areas.

The research emphasizes few educational issues which are related to practical oriented couress in the public education in Kuwait.

The aperiori of the research is that the practical studies are paramount in reaching the educational objectives of this research, i.e. the consolidation of the link between labour and education via technical Education.

The methodology, of this research depend on the following:-

1 - Identifying the status quo of the practical studies in the public system in Kuwait.

2 - Reviewing the current and literature and modern trends in the field.

3 - Surveying the opinions of teachers, students, and supervisors in the field of practical studies.

Consequently, the researcher submited some recommendations which could be beneficial in realizing the despred objectives.

Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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