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Students Drop-out from Government General Education Schools during the period (1976/1977 to 1985/1986) in Kuwait

Auther : Abdul Rahman AL-Ahmed & Ragaa Abou-Allam

This research aims at studing the problem of students drop-out from various educational stages in the State of Kuwait. This study is a descriptive analystical one aiming at: defining the dimensions of the phenomenon of students drop-out each in the primay, intermediate and secondary stages, studying the differences between One class another in the same stage, and finally trying to identify the reasons that cause this phenomenon to take place.

Drop-out rates have been taken from the official records and statics of the Ministry of Education in ten years from the year 1976/77 up to 1985/86 including the three stages of Government General Education School.

This data has been analysed according to the variables of the study i.e. the stage, sex and class and the school year. The most important findings the Two researchers have come out with were:-

1) The highest drop-out rate is at the secondary stage follwed by the intermediate and the primary stage comes last.

2) Drop-out rate in the 4th Intermediate exceeds other classes in the same stage, which is quite the opposite in the primary and the secondary stage in which drop-out rates increase in the first year rather than in other classes.

3) No Significant differences between boys and girls school in drop-out rates have been noticed except for some classes in some years.

4) Drop-out rates tend to decrease from One year to another in spite of some fluctuations in some years.

Then the research tackled the caused of students drop-out According to the findings of the research these causes are connected with some eductional factors related to school curricula, teaching staff, educational goals and methods of evaluation together with some cultural, social and psycholosical factors such as: the failure to appreciate the importance of education in some areas especially among bedouing or the spread of illiteracy among some families. Finally, the research offered some proposals which might extenuate the effects of the phenomenon of students drop-out and perhaps obliterate it all together.

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