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A Study of the Efficacy of the Cognitive style on performance in some Test Situations

Auther : Nadia Sheref & Qasem AL-Sarraf

Cognitive processes are used to determine mental characteristics of Learners in different test situations. Recently, various concepts came into being explain such characteristics as they related to specific situations, one such concepts is cognitive style which has been widely used in studying individual differences among students. Cognitive styles are ways of dealing with information processing as delineated in thinking, understanding, remembering, and problem-solving.

The aim of this was to determine the efficacy of the cognitive styles on the performance of college of education students in some test situations, forty-four students were classified as reflective or impulsive were tested on field - independence/dependence, verbal I. Q., abstract thinking, and academic standard.

The following results were obtained:

First : Reflective VS. Impulsive:

1) Reflective were more field-independent than impulsive.

2) Reflective were superior to impulsive on abstract thinking.

3) The performance of reflective was better than that of impulsive on Verbal I.Q. test.

4) Reflective were higher on GPA than impulsive.

Second : Field-Independents Vs. Field-Dependents:

1) Field-independents were superior to field-dependents on abstract thinking.

3) No significant differences were found between field-independents and field-dependents on verbal I.Q. test.

The conclusion drawn from the results was that the differences between the subjects on the dependent Variables were mainly attributed to the cognitive styles they displayed.

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