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The Effects of Modality on Direct and delayed recall for the first Academic Secondary Class students in Jordan

Auther : Mohammad T. Ghazzawi & Ougla M. Al-Semadi & Ahmed H. Kutait

The aim of this study was to know the effects of modality on direct and delayed recall of the first academic secondary class students.

The population consisted of the first secondary class students in public schools following El-Koora Supervision Unit: Aidoon Educational Office in Irbid in the year 1984/1985.

Arandom sample (N = 180) consisted of (6) sections (3) males and (3) for females, received the subject matter in three modalities: Audio-Visual, Audio-Printed and Visu-Printed.

The subjects were given a meaningful material from a Guided Composition book in the above three different modalities.

After the subjects were taught the material, they were given a (16) item researcher - prepared and expert validated multiple choice test to measure the students immediate recall.

The same test was given a week later to measure the students’ delayed recall.

The result of the one way Analysis of Variance of the students’ scores of the immediate and delayed achievement tests revealed that there were significant differences (x = .05) among the mean scores of the study groups due to modality.

Tukey’s pairwise Comparison Test between mean scores for the direct and delayed recall revealed the superiority of the audio-visual modality over the other two modalities.

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