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The Role of College Supervisor in Student Teaching

Auther : Rashid Hamad Al-Katheery

Student teaching is viewed by many educators as one of the most dynamic, beneficial and important phases in any teacher education program. It is regarded generally s an indispensable aspect of programs of preserve teacher education.

The student’s teaching should be a creative, fulfilling experience and at the same time provide for critical analysis in order to make student teachers and their supervisors scholars of teaching. It should not be confined to a block of time at the end of the senior college year. It should range from simple observation, to brief exposures with learners, to the development of skills in discrete elements of the teaching act to analysis of personal skills and insights, all the way to the teaching in various clinical situations.

The study concentrated on the role of the college supervisor in student teaching as perceived by college supervisors and student teachers at college of Education, King Saud University at Riyadh. The major findings of this study were that both college supervisors and student teachers emphasized upon the importance of those activities which help student teachers to gain skills in teaching. These skills are:

a. The college supervisor has to gather and collect certain information about cooperating school before he sends his student teacher to teach.

b. He has to collect some information about the principal of school to select those cooperating and helpful ones.

c. He has to hold conferences with bath student teachers and school teachers.

d. He has to guide, supervise and help student to master teaching.

e. He has to discuss with the student teacher all his notice on his preparation of lessons (lessons’ plan) and teaching.

f. He has to discuss with the student teacher his method of evaluation and the final grade for the student.

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