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Managerial obstacles that Hinder the Achievement of Educational Goals

Auther : Basheer Al-Rasheedi

  1. This study attends to explore the opinions of the educational staff in elementary stage of education in the State of Kuwait about some of the negative managerial processes that hinder the achievement of Educational Goals.
  2. It attends as well to provide the decision-makers in the Educational field with analytical and descriptive data about these negative aspects to helps them in performing managerial changes or mends in the educational system.
  3. Questionnaire has been developed for this purpose and distributed on a representative sample (N 150) selected from Jahara Educational district. (Elementary Stage Workers).
  4. Findings indicate that the most important problems facing the educational staff in the Elementary stage are as follows:

  1. The high ratio of children attending class.
  2. Teaching over-loads for the teachers.
  3. The lack of cooperation in the part of the family with school.

These problems lead consequently to decrease the productivity and hindering the achievement of the educational goals.

  1. Statistical significant differences are found between teachers and administrators stuff concerning the problem of “delay of receiving schools books”.
  2. Statistical significant differences are also found between male and female regarding:

  1. The absent of Standardize Norms of educational goals.
  2. Educational goals being abundant.
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