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Ways of presenting instructional materials and its effects on learning and retention

Auther : Nadia M. Shareef

This study was concerned with explaining the relationship between theories of learning and theories of instructions, and to show that theories of instructions depend on the principles of theories of learning. The study concentrates on the concepts of advance organizer (and ousebel theory), behavioral objectives (mager and gange), and the concept of active learner. The researcher believes that these three concepts. Therefore, the main purpose of the study was to examine the effects of each of these concepts on learning and retention of verbal learning. The study has to answer the following questions:

1.What is the effects of using the advance organizer on immediate and delayed learning.

2. What are the effects of using the behavioral objectives on immediate and delayed learning?

3. What are the effects of using the underlining of the main ideas by a learner on the immediate and delayed learning?

A one way analysis of variance statistical technique was used, with four groups, (advance organizer, behavioral objective, underlying, and control groups). A post-hoc tests (Newman Kuel); was used to make the multiple comparison tests between groups.

The main results was:

  1. On the immediate measures, the advance organizer, and behavioral objectives group was highly significant than the other groups.
  2. On the delayed measures, only the advance organizer group was highly significant compared to all other groups.

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