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An Analytical study of the Distribution of Students Grades at the College of Education for the First Semester, 1982/1983

Auther : Ragaa Abou-Allam & Qassim Al-sarraf

The purpose of this study was to determine the deviation of student’s grades at the College of Education from the expected distribution in each department and for each staff member. Academic grading scale was employed to measure such deviation.

For this purpose, student’s grades of the first semester of the year 1982/1983 were classified according to each department and for each staff member within his department.

The following results were obrained:

  1. Grade distribution tends to lead towards higher level for the college as a whole.
  2. The percentage of grade A & B is twice as much as the expected grades for all college departments.
  3. The department of Educational Psychology and the Department of Educational Foundations are closer to the expected grades than the other departments.
  4. Some instructors tend to give higher grades noticably.

Three main factors triggered these results:

    1. The current grading system of the university.
    2. The grading policy utilized by the staff members of the college.
    3. The nature of study at the college of education

Some recommendations were drawn as how to deal with such factors.

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