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A study of the Relationship between Language Learning and Intelligence Quotient of Pupils at Kuwait Elementary Schools

Auther : Layla Habib

The purpose of this study is to find out the relationship between simultaneous bilingual learning – i.e. English plus native language (Arabic) and the intelligence quotient o pupils in both private and state elementary Schools in Kuwait.

Therefore, the study will be confined to the following points:

  1. Relationship between bilingual learning and intelligence quotient of male/female pupils in both private and state elementary schools in Kuwait.
  2. Relationship between bilingual learning and the age of pupils in Kuwait Schools refereed to above.

This study is based on Null Hypothesis Test (HO) of the differences between thee intelligence quotient of monolingual (Arabic) male/female pupils at elementary schools and those bilingual (English/ Arabic) at different ages.

Bilingual learning is beneficial for the lingual, cultural and mental aspect of pupil’s life. The bilingual pupil’s achievement of language increases because of the other language he learns. In this, he aquires two lingual achievements which enhance and enrich the pupil’s general knowledge and vocabulary.

This study has focused on the direct effect resulted from bilingual learning upon the pupil’s intelligence. The pupil’s possession of thought based upon two language constitutes a developing factor for his mental capacity to knowledge response which forms a helping factor for measuring his abilities aptitudes and tendencies as compared with his intelligence quotient.

The research is concluded with social psychological and mental recommendations related to the research positive results.

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