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Organisational Interaction and Leadership Style: An Experimental Study of the Effect of Leadership Style on a Sample Group of students from the College of Education at King Faisal University

Auther : Mohammed A. Al-Naji

There is a strong relationship between the environment of the leader, its cultural, social and religious aspects and both the leaders style and his influence on organisational interaction. Moreover, the interaction of the group members among themselves, the degree of the solidarity of the group in confronting emergency situations, their acceptance of a particular leadership style and their criteria in choosing a n acceptable leader all depend,d to a great extent, on the cultural factors which govern their behavior. The importance of leadership style has dictated this study about organisational interaction and leadership style. The following are the hypotheses of the study:

(1) The group shifts from an inclination to a democratic leadership style to an autocratic one.

(2) If a leader uses an autocratic style the distance between him and the group widens.

(3) A leadership image is depressed if the leader shifts to an autocratic style.

(4) There is a positive correlation between the group execution of tasks and the leaders application of an autocratic style.

(5) There is a significant difference between the response of the group under a democratic leadership style and its response under an autocratic style.

The pre-and past experiment method, X-Y theory index, the leadership style questionnaire, the the sociometric index, the social distance index were the instruments used in this research. Appropriate procedures were used to analyse data.

The findings of the research are:

(1) As the group members experience with the autocratic leadership style increases, the group appreciate it more.

(2) The distance between the leader and the group widens as a result of the application of autocratic leadership style.

(3) There is a positive correlation between the group execution of tasks and the leaders adoption of an autocratic style.

(4) The leaders image among the group is depressed if he adopts an autocratic leadership style.

(5) The study indicates that the most importan

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