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An Analytical study of Opinions of Educators and Mass Media Men Concerning the Relationship between Mass Media and Education and the Means to Strengthen this Relationship

Auther : Mohammed M. Al-Abdul Ghafoor

The study aimed to analyze the opinions of those who work in the fields of education and mass-media regarding the nature and importance of the relationship between education and mass-media and how to strengthen this relationship.

The sample of the study was a group of both educators and mass-media men, 224 completed questionnaires were received from the 250 delivered to the sample.

The questionnaire included four domains to educational mass-media as follows:-

1 - Concept, aims, and planning;

2 - Training and relationship;

3 - The school and its need for mass-media;

4 - Television and mass-media means and their need for education.

Results of the study showed that there was agreement from the respondents about the importance of the relationship between education and mass-media. This was very clear from the high averages of the responses of the study sample toward the items related to this subject. Moreover, the comparison between educators and mass-media mens opinions showed that there were just 9 items out of 37 showing significant differences. This demonstrated that the respondents agreed more than they disagreed.

From these results, the research arrived at a group of recommendations which could contribute to support and strengthen the educational mass-media system in Kuwait.

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