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Introducing EFL at Primary School and its Effect on Arabic

Auther : Mohammed R. Eassa & Najat A. Al-Mutawa

The study assesses the effect of introducing EFL in the second primary grade on puplis achievement in Arabic. It also analyses the opinions of Arabic-language (AL) teachers after the change in the school environment brought by EFLPS introduction.

These issues tackled by the study have been the subject of considerable controversy amongst FL teaching researchers. Most of the debate, however, has been conducted in terms of theoretical situations and preconceived ideas. The pioneering experiment of the State of Kuwait which was introduced in 93-94 provides a valuable source of information to focus on the topics related to these issues and their consequences for the educational process.

This study has analysed the grades of pupils during the school year prior to the introduction of EFL in the second primary grade in 1993-94, and in the year following that. The school subjects included in the study were Arabic, Maths, Science and English. The sample comprised second year primary pupils in 30 schools throughout the educational zones of Kuwait. Furhtermore, the study presents the results of the questionnaire concerning the attitudes of 103 (AL) teachers to the same class. Both samples were chosen randomly.

The analysis leads to the following major conclusions:

* (AL) acquisition of second year primary pupils was not affected by EFL learning.

* When pupils grades in subjects are taken as indicators of their (AL) acquisition, their grades in Maths provide better predictions than their grades in English.

* There is no support of the tendency to attribute the mistakes that pupils make in Arabic to the negative interference of English.

* The reaction of (AL) teachers was moderate with regard to the impact of the introduction of EFLPS on their (AL) teaching. There was no specific trend in their opinion, either for or against EFLPS introduction.

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