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Understanding Diagramatic Representation of Atomic Orbits

Auther : Khalil Ebrahim Shubbar

There is considerable evidence which suggests that individuals from certain cultures have difficulties in understanding in depth the two - dimensional diagrams of three - dimensional objects.

This study investigates whether Bahrain students specializing in science understand three - dimensional spatial relationships in diagrams of the atomic orbits.

The atomic levels investigated were those concerned with S, P, and d orbits.

Atomic orbits test (A.O.T) which consists of (30) multiple - choice items were prepared by the author.

The main aim was to test students perception of shape.

An experiment was performed in which students from the College of Science in the University of Bahrain, and students from secondary schools were tested. The number of students involved in the test totaled (105).

The results revealed that:

1. A reasonable number of university students had difficulties in understanding the diagrams of atomic orbits in the test.

2. A significant number of secondary school students found the task of visualizing the atmoic orbits in the diagrams too difficult to understand.

3. For both university and secondary school students, the atomic orbits of the (d) Levels were the most difficult to be understood.

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